Retro Fit, Design & Remodels

Energy Analysis Reporting

The first step to savings starts when one of Colburn Electric professional Lighting and Energy Design Consultants surveys your facility's existing lighting system. With the information gathered, you will be provided with comprehensive reports to show how the new recommended lighting system will save energy, reduce your overhead and positively impact the environment.

Lighting Upgrade & Relamp

Relamping your facility before the lamps expire can make a lot of sense. Changing all lamps at the same time can save on labor costs, reduce maintenance overhead, improve your light levels and increase the overall efficiency of your system. Colburn Electric can show you these benefits, saving you time, money and resources.

Electrical Maintenance Contracts

With the help of a qualified consultant and a professional electrical contractor, you can realize maximum efficiency for your facility. But after a lighting retrofit or energy efficient lighting upgrade, how do you keep your new lighting system operating at its best? Consider an on-going maintenance service contract serviced by our professional technicians. Terms for each contract held by Colburn Electric are customized to your needs.

Identify Common Lighting Problems

If you identify any of the following common lighting issues in your facility, contact Colburn Electric today and find out how to fix them and save money.

  • Incandescent Lighting:  By simply replacing an incandescent lamp with a compact fluorescent or CFL, you can achieve nearly 75% energy savings and increase lamp life up to 10 times.
  • T12 Bulbs:  T12 lamps can now be retrofitted with T8 or T5 lamps depending on the lighting application. The new lamps have a longer life and operate with more efficient ballasts which emit less heat.
  • Varied Colors of Light:  Sometimes in gymnasiums, factories or warehouses you will notice orange or purplish lamps that make it difficult to see. Many times these poorly performing lamps are energy hogs. Colburn Electric has options for you that will look better, save more and are often eligible for rebates or incentives when upgraded!
  • Old Exit Signs:  The exit signs in your building are on 24 hours a day, making them an easy savings target. Switching your incandescent or compact fluorescent lit exits to LED technology could reduce each sign from 40 watts to less than 5 watts.
  • Flickering Lights:  When your lights flicker it indicates either the lamp is at the end of it's life or that the ballast powering it is faulty. Depending on the existing technology, this may be the perfect time for a retrofit.
  • Lights Left on in Unused Areas:  When lights are left on in unused hallways, conference rooms or warehouse isles for hours at a time, energy is simply wasted. Colburn Electric can help by showing you a payback on having sensors or timers installed to decrease your total kilowatt hours and your utility bill.
  • High Cost Maintenance Areas:  Does your building have hard-to-reach areas with fixtures requiring expensive maintenance equipment, such as aerial lifts? If you find that your exterior lighting or vaulted ceiling fixtures are difficult to maintain, let Colburn Electric show you some long-life lighting options and start saving now.

Rebates and Incentives

For your lighting retrofit, many times utility grants or rebates are available. Colburn Electric works closely with utility companies to represent your best interests. We'll submit the necessary applications to ensure that you receive the maximum benefit.

People ask us why a utility company would want to give them money to improve their efficiencies and in turn reduce their monthly utility bills. It seems counterintuitive, but the reality is that new federal mandates for energy efficiency require utilities to increase efficiencies and reduce energy consumption. It costs a utility company more money to increase the amount of energy they provide because increased demand means that utilities have to invest in new power plants.

One Vendor Working With You

From initial energy analysis reports to the design and installation of your project, Colburn Electric is the single vendor you require to provide solutions that make sense. Let the experienced staff at Colburn Electric help you save money.