"Green" House

Colburn Electric is widely recognized as a leader in the green building movement, with an ever growing number of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) accredited technicians. The purpose of this rating system is to provide an objective standard for certifying that a building is environmentally friendly or “green”. From upgrades that reduce energy and capture utility rebates and tax savings, Colburn Electric consistently generates strong returns on your investment while protecting future generations.

A sustainable building, or green building is an outcome of a design which focuses on increasing the efficiency of resource use – energy, water, and materials – while reducing building impacts on human health and the environment during the buildings lifecycle, through better sitting, design, construction, operation, maintenance, and removal.

Green buildings offer the following sustainable design solutions:

  • Daylight harvesting
  • Energy-saving devices
  • Light pollution reduction
  • Energy performance optimization
  • Renewable energy
  • Green power
  • Solar power
  • Wind power
  • Reverse metering
  • Building reuse
  • Resource reuse

Colburn Electric was the electrical contractor for the one-of-a kind home shown here in Oklahoma. Together with many other Tulsa businesses we improved the image of the neighborhood by conducting a major “green” renovation. The home was restored using sustainable building practices. It was certified using the two most prominent green building standards in the United States. Standards for rating a building's "greenness" have been established by several organizations, using point systems to rate energy use, water use, materials, design and more. Those organizations are:

  • U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) 
  • National Association of Home Builders' National Green Building Standard
  • U.S. EPA’s ENERGY STAR for Homes program

To receive more information about this green house visit obgreen.blogspot.com

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