Colburn Electric is committed to safety, health and environmental regulations. It is our goal to complete all projects in an efficient, productive manner that incorporates safeword processes and strong safety awareness.

Colburn Electric crews often work under unusual and challenging situations, which is why we place a high importance on safety education and training for ALL employees. We have implemented a safety program that meets or exceeds the requirements of all Federal and State regulations in Oklahoma, and a safety communication system is presented to all levels of the Colburn team.

Each employee participates in mandatory weekly safety meetings. In addition, our project managers will visit each jobsite on a regular basis to ensure safe work habits are in place. An executive summary of our safety program will be provided upon request.

To ensure the highest quality of employees, workmanship and safety, Colburn Electric participated in the Electrical Industry Drug Free Workplace program and performs random drug screenings of all of its employees.

We demonstrate our belief in safety through the following on a daily basis:

  • ~.68 mod rate
  • ISNET Certified (A-Rating)
  • Develop and communicate our safety and health policy to all of our employees

  • Provide safety orientation for new employees

  • Provide refresher training on a routine basis
  • OSHA 10-hour safety certification for all supervisory employees
  • Conduct worksite analysis to evaluate all project specific activities and processes for hazards
  • Conduct Hazard Prevention and Control
  • Demonstrate management commitment by instilling accountability for safety and health, obeying safety rules and reviewing accident reports
  • Test all non-contractual employees for substance abuse
  • Record and analyze safety performance and communicate this to the employees

We diligently pursue the management of safety on all our project sites. We work under a system that mandates training, communication, and a daily monitoring process so that accidents can be avoided. We train each office and field supervisor to be a designated Safety Supervisor. They watch for potential problems and report any deficiencies to the designated safety contact for correction and improvement on a daily basis.

We are committed to eliminating injuries & controlling claim costs!