Family Protection

Don’t Let This Be You!!

The Maryland State Fire Marshal has investigated the incident, which is believed to have been caused by an overheated electrical outlet.

There was no reported firefighter or civilian injuries. The fire displaced three adults and two children and caused $120,000 in damage.

Most overheating of devices (switches and outlets) is caused by loose connections which in turn causes ARC , this is what creates and causes the fires.

Fire Inspection for your home

We will perform the following:

  • Tighten all connections in the main panel
  • Check batteries in your smoke detectors
  • Randomly check 5 devices (light switches and outlets) for tightness
  • Check outside condenser disconnect for tightness 
  • Test all GFI’s
  • Testing on your ground rod

We will provide you with all the suggested steps you can take to make your home safe once we have completed our testing. There is an additional cost for extra panels such as hot tub panels, pool panels and sub panels.