01 May 16
Building a new home or completing a renovation can be an exciting time to get what you want for your style and lifestyle. While it is easy to be focused on finishes throughout the space, working with a Tulsa Electrician can help you get some desirable custom upgrades during the construction process. Local codes will determine the basic requirements for your home. Beyond the minimum, you have an opportunity to focus on details that can customize ...

17 Apr 16
It’s not uncommon to hear about brown outs or blackouts from an overworked grid in large cities during the summer months. While there are many possible causes, consider the amount of energy that goes into cooling so many homes as temperatures rise. If you are concerned about your home’s electrical being ready for this summer, contacting a Tulsa electrician to evaluate and make the necessary upgrades. Some examples of reasons to call ...

09 Apr 16
Whether you enjoy home repair projects or just try to control costs, before tacking some tasks consider the potential risk of the DIY approach. One of the best examples is dealing with electrical system in your home for both immediate and long-term concerns. The internet is filled with home improvement videos, often including shortcuts for projects. While those may be tempting to follow, they are often not vetted by trained professionals before ...

20 Mar 16
While the daylight may extend into the earlier evening hours, the warmer weather can make it appealing to stay outside longer. If you plan to entertain in your yard after the sun goes down, consider calling in a professional Tulsa electrician to enhance your home and yard’s exterior lighting. This is also a good time to evaluate the security on your property with regard to proper lighting and make and changes at the same time. For entertai...

14 Feb 16
Home improvement can encompass a lot of enhancements to your home, from renovations to cosmetic updates. When those projects require the possibility of making changes to wiring, the project will likely shift from DIY to the need for a Tulsa electrician. As you update or enhance your space, consider these changes: Outlets for Electronics From mounting a projector to the ceiling to preparing a wall to have a new flat screen television installed, ...

25 Jan 16
The wrong lighting can detract from spaces both inside and outside your home. While some changes are as simple as just installing a new fixture, there are many other details to consider as well. Both aesthetically and to increase efficiency working with a Tulsa electrician can guide you through options you have and manage the professional installation to work with the components and your home’s electrical. Dimmers Dimmers are often thoug...

30 Dec 15
Older homes often require electrical upgrades to get up to code from changes over the years, but newer homes are not immune to needing a Tulsa electrician for repairs or enhancements. Some common reasons homeowners need to call in the professionals include: Moving, Adding or Upgrading Outlets and Switches The internet is full of videos claiming anyone can add an outlet, but even with step-by-step instruction but they generally do not provide ...

28 Dec 15
Winter is officially here. The weather outside is more frightful than delightful, and you are probably thinking about more making icy walks passable than calling in a Tulsa Electrician for any issues at your home. As we prepare for cold nights and ice storms you may look for additional heating from space heaters or other sources beyond your Tulsa area home’s furnace. It is imperative that you follow all the safety precautions for the he...

29 Nov 15
It’s the time of year when holiday lights are starting to go up around town. Whether you want to mirror a certain holiday movie classic illuminating your home for miles, or you are putting up a more modest display, your electrical system will likely face a little more demand this time of year. If you are concerned about an electrical overload in your home, calling in a Tulsa electrician for an evaluation can be helpful. Some common que...

23 Nov 15
If you have been dreaming of transforming your home with a kitchen remodel, you might not have considered bringing in a Tulsa electrician for their expertise. Beyond the cabinets and countertops, there are many important aspects that remain behind the drywall, but can have a lasting impact on the project. Some reasons to include a Tulsa electrician in your planning include: Adding GDCI outlets Newer homes will likely have Ground Fault Circuit ...

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