22 Mar 17
Electrical faults around the house are no challenge for the typical DIYer. While there are a lot of fixes that can be done without needing your electrician, there are those that should just be left to a professional. Electricity does a lot for us when it comes to powering the home, but there could be huge repercussions if something was to go wrong. Below are some electrical fixes that should be left to an expert; Adding new outlets For an elect...

16 Mar 17
Common ways to avoid violating electrical codes The electrical system in your premises needs you to approach with a lot of caution. For most DIY-ers, simple fixes have become routine. However, every once in a while even the best of us get it wrong. While doing it yourself seems like the most logical approach in many scenarios, you may be flouting electrical codes as you carry out repairs. Some of the mistakes are a result of the new additions ...

18 Feb 17
Much of your home’s electrical is hidden behind the walls. For this reason many homeowners do not think about electrical until there is a malfunction or home remodel. Making updates to your home is an opportune time to have your home’s electrical checked and upgraded if needed since walls and ceilings may be open for repairs. Below are some common reasons to consider calling a Tulsa electrician to your home: Proper Groundi...

16 Jan 17
When you compare how many kitchen appliances (large and small) many homeowners have now compared with decades ago, you will likely see an increased demand for electricity. The kitchen is just one space in the home increasing demand, electronics are found more frequently as well. While these conveniences and technological advances are impressive, they can also create problems on a home’s electrical system. Older homes which have not had pr...

03 Jan 17
When a new home is built, a professional electrician is called in to complete the wiring on the property. Then an inspection is usually required to make sure the work meets or exceeds code. Yet, when it comes to making electrical repairs in existing homes, many homeowners attempt to troubleshoot on their own. This can be not just time consuming, but also dangerous. If you have any of the following issues in your home, calling in a Tulsa elect...

04 Dec 16
We often don’t realize how much we rely on electric until the power goes off. Once it does you will find yourself without much of the convenience you expect every day. Although storms are one time when power outages could be expected, other reasons such as damage to power lines or the electrical grid can create a temporary loss of power. It is important when you lose power to look around and see if immediate neighbors have also lost power....

27 Nov 16
Our lives rely more on technology than ever before. Only a few decades ago families may have had one central television console in their entire home. Now it is not uncommon for households to have at least three or more televisions throughout the space – and in areas beyond the living room. Along with televisions come more (or more powerful) appliances, surround sound systems and other newer luxuries throughout the home. Take a look at your ...

22 Nov 16
The twinkling of holiday lights is one of the most magical parts of the season. Hours can be spent creating scenes that are worthy of driving around town to take in the displays. In the rush to decorate and create a winter wonderland, it can be easy to create electrical hazards without even knowing. In case of concern it is always best to call in a professional Tulsa electrician to get an expert opinion, but being diligent is a good starting po...

21 Oct 16
Whether you’ve noticed subtle increases or more substantial jumps, you may be looking for ways to tame an expanding electric bill. There are both some quick wins and some long term solutions to consider. As you work through these, if you begin to have concerns about your home’s electrical, take the time to call in a professional Tulsa electrician to troubleshoot. Re-evaluate your lighting situation You don’t have to compromis...

18 Sep 16
If you’re like millions of Americans who have become glued to home improvement television programs and websites, you are likely eager to try some DIY projects around your home. While there are lot of times a little learning and sweat equity can pay off big, when it comes to the electrical in your home, there are many reasons to call a Tulsa electrician for their expertise. Common reasons to rely on a trained Tulsa electrician include: W...

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