22 Aug 16
Many people associate calling a Tulsa electrician only if there is an issue in their home. While that represents a majority of the reasons to call, if you are planning some improvements to your home, taking a proactive approach can prepare your home for the upcoming changes. There are more ways than ever to introduce technology for both enjoyment and functionality, so making sure your home can support the improvements is essential. A few example...

11 Aug 16
The cooler temps are on their way. Although that is hard to imagine as the hot summer days continue, the beginning of the school year is here and fall is right behind it. While you may have thought the most taxing time for your home’s electrical comes during the months where your air conditioner is working overtime, each season presents a set of challenges. As you prepare to pack up the shorts in a month or so, take the time to make sure y...

17 Jul 16
By the time you turn out the lights to go to bed, you’ve likely used electricity in many spaces throughout your home and possibly some on the outside of your property. Think about it, even to use your cell phone it is generally charged from a cord that plugs into an outlet. Your morning toast, your evening news, your cup of coffee and getting your car out of the garage for work – all likely powered by electricity. And while that is...

02 Jul 16
When you call in a Tulsa electrician to make your home greener, they will not be addressing the color of your siding or your lawn or landscape. Instead they will be working with you to create a plan of subtle, or even out of site changes to make your home more energy efficient. In the past few years there have been a lot of changes designed to reduce power usage, increase energy efficiency and introduce alternate sources in homes and businesses....

14 Jun 16
While it is not a repair that likely crosses your mind, there are many reasons you may need to upgrade your home’s electrical panel. You may already be aware if you are unable to run multiple appliances at the same time, or you plan to add additional outlets, but for some homeowners their problems are not as clear. Calling in a Tulsa electrician can help you troubleshoot any issues you are currently experiencing and address any concerns you...

30 May 16
When you are ready to take your outdoor living to the next level by creating an entertaining wonderland you will likely call in a team of professionals to transform the space. And while that team will likely include a landscape designer and a contractor for the patio or deck, one additional member you may not have thought about is an electrician. The Tulsa electrician you hire will not be planting trees or shrubs, or creating a patio, but they c...

01 May 16
Building a new home or completing a renovation can be an exciting time to get what you want for your style and lifestyle. While it is easy to be focused on finishes throughout the space, working with a Tulsa Electrician can help you get some desirable custom upgrades during the construction process. Local codes will determine the basic requirements for your home. Beyond the minimum, you have an opportunity to focus on details that can customize ...

17 Apr 16
It’s not uncommon to hear about brown outs or blackouts from an overworked grid in large cities during the summer months. While there are many possible causes, consider the amount of energy that goes into cooling so many homes as temperatures rise. If you are concerned about your home’s electrical being ready for this summer, contacting a Tulsa electrician to evaluate and make the necessary upgrades. Some examples of reasons to call ...

09 Apr 16
Whether you enjoy home repair projects or just try to control costs, before tacking some tasks consider the potential risk of the DIY approach. One of the best examples is dealing with electrical system in your home for both immediate and long-term concerns. The internet is filled with home improvement videos, often including shortcuts for projects. While those may be tempting to follow, they are often not vetted by trained professionals before ...

20 Mar 16
While the daylight may extend into the earlier evening hours, the warmer weather can make it appealing to stay outside longer. If you plan to entertain in your yard after the sun goes down, consider calling in a professional Tulsa electrician to enhance your home and yard’s exterior lighting. This is also a good time to evaluate the security on your property with regard to proper lighting and make and changes at the same time. For entertai...

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