24 Aug 17
As an Oklahoma homeowner, it is your responsibility to ensure that every section of your home is functioning in the best and safest possible manner at all times. This is especially crucial for your home’s electrical system. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, electrical malfunctions cause approximately 25,900 out of all the fire emergencies they respond to. These fires cause multiple deaths, injuries, and loss of property worth...

23 Aug 17
Most home owners know their way around their electrical system and mostly solve any problems that come up without having to call a professional. However, there is always a project that requires a professional. Since mistakes come at a high cost, you want to find an electrician who can handle the project and leave your system safe and functional. You want a Tulsa electrician who will do a good job at the right price. Here are some of the fac...

08 Aug 17
Whether you have low ceilings or just like a clean look, recessed lighting has become a popular choice for many homeowners. You may have also heard it referred to as down lighting or can lights (short for canister lights). While this choice can provide some of the best lighting on the market for many reasons, there are some complexities which make it essential to work with a Tulsa electrician to make sure they are safely installed in your home o...

06 Jul 17
Electricity supply in OKC is usually quite dependable, but you can’t rule out the possibility of power glitches happening now and then. A savvy homeowner knows that they have to be ready for when the power lines take a hit from falling tree branches or even floods, and will have a generator standing by. The mistake most of us make is that we do not really work to maintain our generators and keep them operating optimally. As your top OKC ele...

23 Jun 17
When you set up a living room, you are always conjuring up amazing fantasies about how entertaining it is going to be, how fitting it will be as a place of relaxation, and how your family and friends are going to swoon all over its aesthetics. The problem is that things don’t always turn out this way, because not every designer or architect you hire will be able to capture what you want. If you feel that your living room could do wi...

05 Jun 17
Much as we may hate them, power outages are inevitable. When they occur, there are steps that need to be taken to keep the home safe and running during the inter-lull. Your favorite OKC electrician will advise you to take measures to keep the place functional even if electricity is away for hours on end. You will of course need to fall back to other sources of energy at that time, but that can only happen if you had a backup plan in the firs...

21 May 17
If you’ve watched any backyard makeover shows, you may notice that more of the indoors seem to be coming outside. That includes a large variety of electrical details. Of course when you consider all the elements that outdoor lighting and power outlets are exposed to, it becomes important to call in a Tulsa Electrician to get the job done safely. A few examples of when to call in the professionals: Outdoor kitchens If you plan to...

09 May 17
According to research by the Electrical Power Research Institute, power interruptions are costing business between $104 and $164 billion. This is in addition to another $15 to $24 billion which is lost due to other electrical problems. The figures may be shocking, but with the amount of electricity that goes into industry, it’s not hard to see how these figures add up. At home, such disturbances can cause a lot of damage as the power fluc...

19 Apr 17
If you dread receiving your electricity bill at the end of the month, or maybe your bill has suddenly skyrocketed in the last few months, then you are probably doing some of the things below; Leaving your appliances plugged in A lot of electricity is consumed when you leave appliances plugged in after use. Simply switching off the appliance does not mean that power is not being consumed; this is because most appliances are left on standby mode....

05 Apr 17
LEDs are the new choice of lighting and are replacing incandescent light bulbs all across the globe. Today, LED lighting represents 20% of the lighting market. Lighting-emitting diodes can be used in a variety of ways and have a longer lifespan. Aside from this, they are also energy friendly and work just fine when connected to a low-voltage supply. If you ask any electrician OKC, they will tell you that we are living in a city that is fast cha...

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