28 Feb 19
Despite the fact that laundry is a fact of life it’s no one’s favourite chore. Washing machines are a lifesaver for busy people, but they are among the costliest appliances out there. So, how do you cut down on the steady drip of dollars from your pocket? Use cold water wash Research shows that laundry detergents get better at putting enzymes to work removing stains and dirt at low temperatures. In addition, cold water b...

21 Feb 19
Electronic appliances make our every-day life comfortable. These appliances are however vulnerable to outages. It is important to know how to keep your electrical appliances safe during power loss. The breakdown of these appliances is a costly affair. Below are ways to ensure that appliances don’t conk out due to power outages . Install surge protectors These act as a buffer between the socket and your appliance. They contain an ...

14 Feb 19
Have you been wondering why your electricity bill is so high? The reason behind that is that your bill is based on the amount of electricity your appliances use and how often you use them. It is therefore important to be informed of the appliances that use the most electricity in order to manage their function; Refrigerator In most cases, the fridge will be the appliance that consumes the most power in order to keep all perishable items safe. I...

01 Feb 19
A thermostat automatically regulates the temperature of a room and performs cooling actions when the temperature reaches a certain point. A thermostat is precisely what you need to make your home livable during times of extreme temperatures. There are some actions you need to take to keep your thermostat up and running, and below is a little help. Get a programmable thermostat Get a programmable thermostat that not only makes adj...

30 Jan 19
Put simply, the solar technology hinges on a combination of cells that generate electricity using energy from the sun. Energy from solar panels is advantageous in that the provider is a free, natural resource. Individuals or companies need to embrace solar panels despite having electricity. Solar energy does not have rates of payment after installation- unlike electricity, which you have to pay according to usage. Installing solar panels is conve...

21 Jan 19
Generators are maintained to keep track of their electrical and mechanical components to ensure quality service. Before the operation and maintenance of the generator sets, please read and fully understand the generator’s features, warning and maintenance steps in the manual and other documents that come with the unit in order to familiarize yourself with operation and maintenance processes. If the generator operates for more hours it will ...

10 Jan 19
Buying a home feels like a rollercoaster ride most of the time. At first, you are excited about at last getting a place of your own. The next minute, you are worried to death about what to go for and whether you can show the right judgement to pull it off. Looking at a house, you get to like what you see, but there can be so many problems that you can’t see. The electrical situation in your new home is the first thing you absolutely nee...

02 Jan 19
For some of us, bathtubs are a luxury. To others, it is an important installation that can never be left out of any remodeling or construction process. If you are thinking about installing a bathtub, go ahead with it and you will never regret that decision. However, before you get started on the project, you will need to think through some things. We all know that water and electricity are not the nicest bedfellows around, so you need to follow...

29 Dec 18
The threat of electrical fires both at the home and industrial level is always real. If you are the regular kind of person, then there is electricity in every single inch of your house. This power is helpful, but you need to know how to manage it in a way that pays attention to potential fire risks posed by electricity. Most of the time, electrical fires are brought about by wiring problems, but there are times where problems arise because of the...

22 Dec 18
Here at Colburn Electric, we believe that the kitchen is the focal point in every home. It is where everyone wakes up to in the morning and returns to at the end of the day to grab a bite. It therefore needs to stand up to scrutiny, at least in terms of the electrical fittings in there. One of the things you will be looking to focus on while transforming your kitchen space is the lighting in there. Most homeowners in Tulsa only focus on one kin...

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