02 Sep 15
Many homeowners feel limited by the existing light fixtures in their home, and while they may be comfortable updating an outdated light, that is where the improvement often ends. With new trends in both style and efficiency, calling in a Tulsa Electrician can let you upgrade lighting your home. Whether you need new lighting in the space or to change the layout there are many options. Outdoor lighting for both safety and aesthetics Landscape lig...

25 Aug 15
You’ve found your dream home – it is in your favorite neighborhood with a great floorplan and more charm than you can ask for. While this is the house you have been looking for, taking the time to inspect the systems of the home can help you make sure the home you purchase is safe. Working with a Tulsa electrician can help you identify any upgrades needed to make sure your home is up to code. One common improvement that homeowners sh...

19 Aug 15
Over time your demands on the electrical in your home may change or increase. If you have concerns that your system may be overworked or you have indications that there are problems, calling in a Tulsa electrician can assess the situation and let you know if a panel upgrade is the solution. Have you added new appliances? Before you make your home more comfortable in the heat of the summer with a new air conditioner, calling in a Tulsa electrici...

07 Jul 15
Fire prevention week is observed each year on the Sunday through Saturday period in which October 9 falls. The first National Fire Prevention Day proclamation was issued in 1920 by President Woodrow Wilson and it has been observed since 1922 in the October time frame. While it is now summer, and our minds are focused on the heat of the season, when you think about all the power being used in your home, you might want to consider calling in a Tuls...

01 Jul 15
Paint, flooring and countertops are common ways people think to change their space. Lighting can be a home improvement project that many homeowners don’t think about right away, but there are many options that can add style and functionality to your space. Working with a Tulsa electrician can let you enhance your home with updates to existing fixtures and installations that better meet your needs. Kitchen lighting Few spaces in the home ...

29 Jun 15
When you need to call a Tulsa electrician out to your home or business for a repair, you might wonder who will show up. Whether you have a large project that will span a few days, or a simple adjustment that should have them in and out in an hour, there are some traits to seek out. Respect for your time There are few things as frustrating as waiting for a repair person for hours and hours. Working with a Tulsa electrician who offers scheduling ...

24 May 15
While there are a lot of home repairs to try to tackle DIY-style, equipped with advice from family or friends, tips from the internet or even some home renovation shows, electrical repairs are best left to the experts. Whether you suspect an issue with a single outlet, wiring inside the walls of your home, the light fixture overhead, or an outdoor outlet, call in a professional Tulsa electrician to troubleshoot the problem. Beyond the repair its...

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