21 Jul 18


Many people wonder whether old wiring can cause fires in their homes. Despite how important electricity has become in running almost every machine in homes and workplaces, few people spare time to think about the associated infrastructure.  You take your car for  servicing  to boost your everyday safety, and  the same is expected of your premises’ electrical system. If you are living in an old house, there is a chance that your wiring is old as well. Here is why  you need to  consider upgrading the wiring system in your premises;


Old wiring has no ground


The oldest wiring system most common is the knob-and-tube, that dates back to the 1940s and earlier. The system runs on two wires; a black hot wire and a white neutral. Sometimes, it is challenging to identify the two wires because of dirt and dust.  Old wiring does not have a ground, an important safety feature today. A house with such wiring exposes appliances and sensitive electronics to damage caused by power surges. Having an electrician OKC replace your  wiring is the only way of installing a ground in your house.


Insulation tends to deteriorate  over time


Wire insulation is crucial in ensuring the safety of everyone around. However, the insulation is exposed to cracks, damage, and deterioration. The eventuality of these issues popping up  increases with age.  A house with old wiring systems has high chances of having poorly insulated wires, putting the lives of all those inside at a  risk. Replacing  old wires with new ones is the surest way of enhancing the safety in your house.


Low amperage wiring


In the yesteryears, electricity did not have many applications in houses as it has today. Consequently, the old wiring system had a lower amperage than the current one. Relying on the old system to power your appliances and devices today is dangerous as it can lead to overloaded  circuits. The safest way to enhance the safety of your house especially when you  use  many appliances is upgrading to a new wiring system.


Problems with inspection


Perhaps your old wiring has been working properly without any malfunction for years. However, when the time comes to sell your house, you will be shocked when it fails to pass inspection procedures. This is mainly because of the high safety standards required today that are incomparable to those  required  30 or 40 years ago. If you are planning to sell your house, upgrading to a  new wiring system is the only way of ensuring you pass the inspection and find a buyer.


Having your house inspected every one or two years by a qualified electrician is essential in ensuring your wiring system does not pose a risk to those living in your house. Such an inspection is important as it helps in identifying any defect in your old wiring system that may be dangerous. Although some may consider upgrading to a new wiring system  an expensive exercise, the dangers posed by  old wiring systems and the losses that may occur far outweigh the upgrading costs.

Looking to upgrade  your wiring system? Reach out to Colburn Electric, your top electrician Tulsa, and we will be glad to help.


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