21 Jun 18

When it comes to controlling your heating and cooling system, a thermostat comes in handy. A smart thermostat, however, comes with extra features not available in the conventional thermostats. Whereas the old ones use mercury to control temperature, a smart thermostat is extensively automated to enhance the efficiency of a given heating and cooling system.  It is also more accurate than the others are.


How to install a smart thermostat

Although you can install a smart thermostat by yourself, hiring an OKC electrician is recommended. This is because its installation requires addressing issues touching on wiring and compatibility among others that are best handled by a professional. Hiring a professional for the installation also comes with other advantages such as a warranty.

Why you need a thermostat

  • Its programmable features

A smart thermostat is programmable. This means you can set it to adjust the temperature at specific times. For instance, you can program it to turn on a few minutes before your arrival from work. Moreover, it can learn your movement patterns and develop a schedule that allows it to change the temperature accordingly. It can also detect whether you are active or resting in the house and respond accordingly.


Accessibility to important information

A smart thermostat provides enough information to help you control power consumption in your house. Using your mobile phone or a computer, you can track how much energy you are using to control your house’s temperature.  You get to see your energy usage pattern over a given period. You can tell what week you spent the most energy and make adjustments.


Connecting to other devices

Installing a smart thermostat could be the best decision in the attempt to gain full control of your house. This is because the device connects with other important gadgets such as carbon monoxide detectors. By connecting with the various devices, you can use the smart thermostat to control different processes in the house.


Smart thermostats and power

A smart thermostat connects to Wi-Fi, allowing you to control it using your phone or computer. In addition, it comes with apps that can be used on mobile devices. This puts you in control even when you are miles away from home.


A smart thermostat comes with motion sensors that enable it to detect people and movements in the house. This allows it to control  temperature correctly to ensure maximum comfort. By detecting and recording movement, a smart thermostat is able to develop perfect scheduling that meets your needs.


A smart thermostat comes with zoning capabilities that allow you to set different temperatures in different places. For instance, you can have higher temperatures in the living room and lower temperatures in unoccupied rooms. This helps in reducing electricity bills and makes sure that heating is restricted to areas that need it.


If you are looking to improve the internal environment in your home, installing a smart thermostat is a good place to start. Consult with our electrician Tulsa to ensure you choose the best smart thermostat around.





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