28 Jun 18

Today’s decor makes it easy for a fire to spread through a house. Smoke detectors are crucial in ensuring safety in your home. Smoke is associated with toxic gases such as carbon monoxide that can have lethal effects. Having enough smoke detectors in a house is crucial in controlling related eventualities.


How smoke detectors work

The two main types of smoke detectors are the optical and the ionization varieties. The optical or photocell smoke detector has a photocell that generates electricity in the presence of light. When there is smoke, it scatters light to the photocell, triggering the circuit and turning on an alarm.


Ionization smoke detectors have ionization chambers filled with ions from Americium, a chemical placed in the chamber. The ions ensure that there is complete current flow in the detector. When a fire breaks out, smoke enters the detector and attaches itself on the ions, breaking the circuit and turning on the alarm.


Installation of smoke detectors

The U.S. Fire Administration (USFA) recommends the placement of smoke detectors in every bedroom and floor. In families with people with hearing problems, the introduction of a sound-amplifying accessory is encouraged.


Smoke detectors should be mounted high up the ceiling. Paintings or any decoration on the detectors may make them inefficient. For these kinds of installations, an electrician Tulsa needs to come in, especially when you want to interconnect all your detectors.


Adhering to the manufacturer’s instructions enhances the effectiveness of smoke detectors.  Detectors should be tested at least once a month. Regular cleaning is also recommended. Interconnected smoke detectors are more efficient in detecting fire than those that are not.


Smartphone-connected detectors are an ideal choice because they can disable false alarms easily. This technology allows you to get alarm notifications (irrespective of your location) and easily control the detectors with your phone.


Smoke detectors are important because;

They   detect fire

 These detectors help detect fire outbreaks on time. Consequently, the spread of the fire is controlled.


They control the spread of poisonous gases

When there is excess smoke in the house, there is also the risk of toxic gases spreading through the entire house. If not detected in time, the gases may cause dizziness, eye irritation, and even death. Smoke detectors identify these substances way before they can cause significant damage.  


They allow timely response

A smoke detector lets you know when the smoke in the house reaches dangerous levels. It allows precautionary measures such as the opening of windows, putting out fires, evacuation, and calling for emergency services to be taken on time. It also helps to minimize fire outbreaks, death, or any damage that may be caused by the smoke and fire.


When you want to protect your house from fire, approach an OKC electrician for the installation of smoke detectors. There is no better way to keep your family safe from fire other than having enough smoke detectors in your house. For questions and quotes, reach out to us here at Colburn Electric.


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