12 May 18

Many people don’t understand the importance of electrical inspection especially when everything is working out smoothly. A regular electrical inspection is a crucial maintenance measure although it is often overlooked. Here are some of the reasons you need it; 


  1. Safety

    Electricity comes with its risks. Regular electrical inspection helps in identifying faults in the system. The inspection also helps in discerning any errors made during the initial wiring. After natural events such as heavy storms, it is important to carry out an electrical inspection to ensure everything is okay. The quality of electrical wiring in a home decreases with time. Wiring connections, switches, and other components become loose with time thereby increasing the risks of accidents. Areas that require repair are attended to during this inspection. Cases of electrical accidents are more common in homes that rarely perform this vital routine check-up.


  2. For efficiency checks

    Given the high cost of electricity, it is essential to ensure that your house uses power efficiently. If you live in an old home, the old wiring and installations may cause power wastage leading to huge electricity bills.  Old connections may also be efficient enough to support your current electricity demand. A regular electrical inspection allows for timely repairs and upgrades critical in ensuring that the system has the desired efficiency.


  3. For insurance purposes

    Insurance companies regularly request for home safety electrical assessment. In addition, you may be required to perform the inspection when switching to a new insurance company. After suffering a loss or damage at your home, the insurance may require you to provide them with the inspection details. As your house gets old, an electrical assessment may also be needed to show that it is a low insurable risk.


  4. When installing new appliances

    If you live in an old house, the installation of new electronics with high power consumption may pose a serious risk. Cases of electrical shock, fire, and the damage of the new electronic devices are common in places where regular electrical inspection is not conducted. This is because the old wiring system may not be strong enough to support some power demands. Electrical inspection helps in identifying areas that need an upgrade to ensure that the new devices run smoothly.


  5. To adhere to legal requirements

Homeowners have the responsibility of ensuring their homes are safe before making them available to tenants. Electrical assessment is an essential exercise that confirms whether the house is safe for the new occupant. In Massachusetts, for instance, it is the role of the property owner to ensure that their houses are habitable. One way of improving the conditions of the house is through regular electrical inspection.


Have the electrical inspection costs been stopping you from asking for one? Think of the losses that you may incur in case of an electrical accident. The property that you are so happy to possess may be lost when the insurance refuses to compensate you because of your failure to adhere to such a simple exercise. If you have been wondering whether you need a regular electrical inspection, reach out to Colburn Electric, your leading electrician OKC, and let us help.  





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