03 Jul 18

Smoke detectors have kept families safe for decades now. They have helped families and commercial enterprises prepare for the eventuality of fire, saving lives and property in the process. However, these installations can be the most annoying things around the house or business premises, what with their constant beeping. Most of the time, this beeping is the result of malfunction and has nothing to do with smoke.

So, what’s with all the incessant beeping?

Dirt could be the cause

As your top electrician Tulsa, we have been working with smoke detectors for a long time. Over this time, we have realized that most customers do not really focus on cleaning their detectors. There are two types of smoke sensors out there; the ionization and photoelectric varieties. The common thing between these two is that they are very sensitive to foreign elements. When dust, pollen, sawdust, bugs or any other kind of foreign agent makes its way into their chamber, then all that beeping you find annoying will start. You will therefore need to clean your some detectors from time to time, and we recommend that you do so using pressurized air cans as they are able to access hard-to-reach areas of the gadget.

Battery issues

Even if your alarm is the kind that is wired directly into your electrical system, it comes up with a regular battery .This battery is meant as a backup source of energy for the detector in case there are electricity outages. If this battery is not kept secure, clean and in top condition, the alarm will keep beeping. You can however solve this problem by removing and replacing the battery as well as cleaning the crest upon which it sits. Even if your smoke detector does not actually beep, be wary of letting the battery sit in for too long because it could leak and cause rusting.

Sometimes the smoke detector gets stuck

A smoke alarm system is a pretty simple device that comes with a processor as well as a memory to store commands. These two parts sometimes detect an error and show a code. That could lead to beeping, but the problem is easy to fix. Inside the detector, you will find a test button. It is found right under the battery in most alarm systems. You will need to unplug the unit then dismount the alarm .After that, hit the test button for 20 seconds  without letting your finger off. This should be enough to set the system back to an error-free condition.

Regardless of how much and for how long they beep, smoke detectors are fairly simple devices, and most of their issues can be addressed as a DIY problem. However, sometimes the beeping never stops no matter what you try, and this is where we come in. As your leading OKC electrician, we have been handling smoke alarm mishaps for a long time. If you are facing this kind of problem and are finding it hard to make it go away, reach out to us at Colburn Electric right away.


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