04 Apr 18


Have you had the lights switch off when heavy machinery is turned on? Well, it does happen sometimes depending on how much wattage your home receives. However, it gets too inconveniencing when power keeps going off whenever you turn on some home appliances. Though having to turn your electronics on again may be the most irksome thing, there is something more dangerous you need to worry about; living with home wiring that cannot take the electrical load is a safety hazard. It is also one of the quickest ways drive away clients when you put your house on the market.

 As your OKC electrician, we care about your safety. Your old wiring may have weak insulation due to constant power overloads, which put the insulation on fire. You should take immediate action when you notice anything out of the norm with your electrical grid. Here are some warning signs you should watch out for;

Though rewiring is a requirement to keep your family safe, it’s not always so obvious that you need to rewire your home. Before they find an electrician OKC, locals should look out for the following:

  1. Electrical outlets that give off a burning smell

    You’ll typically pick this up easily since the air in your house is filled with the smell of burning plastic most times. It’s also common for electrical shots to occur when there is an overload, which is the other dead giveaway.

  2. Circuit breakers keep tripping

    Circuit breakers exist in our houses to prevent fires when there is an electrical overload by cutting off the power. If the circuit breaker keeps exceeding the amount of power it is meant to take, then your home uses up more energy than your wiring can handle.

  3. Charred or burnt outlets

    Any appliances that draw too much energy from your home’s grid will cause this. Look out for discolored or hot outlets. Plugs and cords also overheat when there is a power overload.                            

  4. You are using aluminum wiring

Aluminum wiring is known to heat up and cause fires after years of use.

Home fires are a real risk

Electrical problems are the biggest cause of residential fires in America. According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International, as many as 53,000 home fires are due to electrical faults. It is important that you notice as quick as possible when your wiring becomes antiquated. Get an electrician with the right qualifications to check your home’s power grid just to be sure everything is running smoothly.

Call us for all electrical maintenance work

Protect your family and keep your loved ones safe by having one of our adept electricians maintain your home’s wiring. We have been offering excellent electrical work to OKC residents for a long time now. Call us for any power-related issues and receive the best service, all reasonably charged. We are available for whatever kind of projects you have for us for both residential and commercial buildings.


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