30 Jan 18

Change is the only constant in life. Things are always changing in every aspect of daily life, and with the fast-paced technology that we are enjoying today, it pays to make sure your home is not left behind.

Think of the electrical panel in your home as the brain of the whole operation. It is where all the electricity in your home is channeled and regulated from. This panel divides electrical current into various circuits which are protected, each by its circuit breaker. These circuit breakers are sensitive to a host of issues and may call for an upgrade of the entire panel. Here are five signs it is time to call your Tulsa electrician for an update. 

1.    A big home improvement project coming up

A home improvement project is always exciting but it also comes with some requirements. One such provision is upgrading your home’s electrical panel for a large power consumption aside from the 150 amps you are used to.

This could also be the case if you are getting massive appliances such as a refrigerator or HVAC. Smaller appliances like coffee makers and toasters shouldn’t worry you though.

2.    You depend on power strips a lot

If you find yourself plugging almost everything to a power strip, then you might need more power outlets. You are better off upgrading your electrical panel and adding more power outlets than overloading extension cords. You reduce the fire hazard when each circuit runs directly from the electrical panel. 

3.    Problems with old wiring

Faulty wiring causes more residential fires than you can imagine. This risk can be reduced considerably just by simply upgrading your electrical panel so that the wiring is done properly. If you ask your electrician OKC, they will tell you that electrical codes are the first issue to be dealt with. Old wiring may not comply with National Electrical Codes which change from time to time.

 You can tell you have faulty wiring if;

•    The lights keep flickering or dimming

•    Outlets release sparks or are discolored

•    There is a burning smell around the house that persists

•    Tingling sensation or minor shocks when you touch appliances

4.    When you need to replace fuses with circuit breakers

Circuit breakers and fuses serve the same purpose. They disconnect the electrical current when an overload is imminent. They prevent short circuits in the same way. When it comes to fuses, you can only use them once as they melt cutting off the power supply whenever they sense an overload or short circuit coming. As for circuit breakers, they trip and just have to be reset to keep functioning.

Fuses work just fine and can serve your home without any problems, but they are outdated now. Fuses were popular when homes did not have as many appliances as they do now. Today, they are considered a fire hazard. In fact, insurance companies are likely to deny you insurance for your home if you are still using fuses. An upgrade will sort this out though.

Upgrading your electric panel is not only for safety purposes; it also allows for the full functioning of your home. Contact a professional electrician to get your electrical system up to date.  

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