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Electricity is everything in the home. The fact that we need it this much around the house means things can always go wrong. An electrical problem can unnerve any homeowner given what damage it can cause in the house. However, the canny thing to do is remain calm and figure out what the problem is. There are certain instances when the electrical fault is easily rectified and other times when it requires an emergency electrician. As your trusted OKC electrician, we shall help you identify times when you need to find an electrician.

When do you need to call a professional?

Safety and security should always be your first concerns.  Your local electrician OKC should keep you protected from dangerous electrical accidents. You should call a professional whenever you feel unsafe and/or unqualified to handle the problem no matter how small. Some instances which require you to ask for emergency electrical services include times when;

  • Outlets, appliances or wires produce a mild shock when you touch them
  • Circuit breakers keeping tripping around the house or don’t re-engage after tripping
  • Lights flicker for a long time, keep flickering often, produce a buzzing sound as they flicker
  • Outlets have burns, melting or blackening around the holes
  • Outlets repeatedly release sparks when unused
  • You detect the smell of burnt wires around the house
  • There is real danger of an electrical fire

Normal but infrequent electrical behaviour you should not worry about

There is some normal stuff that happens for one reason or the other. Though we expect it never to, there are instances when our electricity will act up. You shouldn’t be alarmed when from time to time such incidents occur.

Flickering lights do happen sometimes

Lights flicker when there is a sudden surge of electricity in the home such as when you turn on heavy equipment. Space heaters and appliances that require a lot of power to run can also cause the lights to flicker. It is not something to alarm you (and may also be caused things like storms). However, it is a sign that you should think about an upgrade of the power grid around your home as soon as you can.

Breakers can trip,  but it’s not always dangerous

Breakers prevent electrical overloads and they do this by tripping when they detect electrical overuse. When breakers trip, it means that you have plugged too many things into one circuit. However, if this keeps happening repeatedly, you should call your OKC electrician as soon as you notice a tendency.

Outlets do spark

Most times when sparks fly out of outlets, it is usually because some new piece of appliance has been plugged in for the first time. Outlets can also spark when a plug is inserted forcefully. However, they should not spark unprovoked nor keep sparking for a period of time. In each of these cases you should call a professional.

Electrical faults can quickly be the cause of an accident that wrecks the home or hurts your loved ones. You should always call an electrician whenever you feel it is the appropriate thing to do. We are the go-to electrician OKC residents can trust to keep them safe.


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