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Safety is always the first concern when it comes to electricity. With all the appliances in the home these days, it is vital that you know about dedicated circuits so that you stay safe. Dedicated circuits ensure your appliances do not cause any power disruptions.

The National Electrical Code requires a dedicated circuit for some fixed appliances and critical-use appliances. As the name suggests, a dedicated circuit works to serve only the devices connected to it. The circuit has its own breaker and does not interfere with the other circuits in any way.

Such wiring is required for any appliances that need large amounts of power to start up or draw a large amount of power consistently. A dedicated circuit would typically be put in place for appliances like ovens, microwaves, HVAC, fridges and such.

Why you need dedicated circuits

With all the appliances in the home, it seems a bit frustrating to install a dedicated circuit for each heavy piece of equipment you have. Even so, dedicated circuits will keep your house protected from common electrical faults that could spoil equipment and pose a safety risk. Some of the common problems to do with dedicated circuits include;

    Equipment damage

    Frequent breaker trips

    Risk of home fires

    Flickering lights

    Risk of electrocution

Appliances that should be on dedicated circuits

Dedicated circuits are typically installed for any fixed appliances. You should get your Tulsa electrician to install dedicated circuits in your home for the following appliances;

    Water heaters

    Stoves, ovens, and ranges

    Cooling and heating systems

    Sump pump systems

    Plasma Televisions



    Garbage disposal


    Laundry room outlets

These are all large equipment that don’t move much around the house. However, there are smaller appliances that should also have their dedicated circuits such as toaster, window air conditioners, portable space heaters, hair dryers and toasters among others.

As you can see, there are just too many appliances to worry about. That’s why you should have a dedicated circuit for general use. Having outlets in the home for the general use dedicated circuit means you can plug in small appliances from wherever without any worries.

Circuit sizes for different appliances

The size of the circuit needs to be right for it to supply the amount of power needed. Circuit size is measured in amps. A circuit too small for the appliances it is wired to keeps tripping the circuit breaker, and at some point, the breaker wears out and spoils. The spoilt circuit breaker exposes you to the danger of an electrical fire.

See circuit sizes below and the appliances they serve

15 to 20 amp circuit

    Garbage disposal

    Trash Compactor


    Space heater

    Gas furnace

    Electric Oven


    Washing machine

30 or more amp circuit

    Central air conditioner

    Backup heating for heat pump

    Electric range



    Water heater

The dedicated circuit needed for each appliance varies but these typically fall between one of the two categories. For any professional electrician OKC, electrical codes are the first concern when checking your connections for safety. Have an expert inspect your home or business to make sure everything is okay.


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