20 Jun 19

Door bells are some of the easily forgotten household items since they rarely require maintenance and rarely malfunction. However, once yours does, it can start ringing on its own at random times, even when it’s most inconvenient-for example, at night when you are trying to catch some sleep. If you are wondering what could possibly cause a door bell malfunction, here are some answers from your favorite electrician OK.

  1. loosened circuit wiring

Before you understand the cause, you need to know a door bell is composed of a wall chime, transformer and push button. These components are connected by various wires and in the event the wires get disconnected or weakened either from the chime to the transformer or push button to the chime, chances are your doorbell will malfunction.

  1. Malfunction of the chime/speaker

    If you are wondering how your doorbell emits sounds, then it is from a small chime box inside your house. If the wiring inside the charm malfunctions, your doorbell will go quiet. You can find out if the chime has a problem by using a multi-meter to check whether current is still flowing through it. It is however advisable not to do it on your own as it can be a hazard to an amateur. Always contact a Tulsa electrician to help you get it fixed.

  2. Transformer voltage malfunction

    Your doorbell needs about 10 to 20 volts to function effectively. A transformer comes into the picture when reducing higher-voltage electric power to lower-voltage electric power. When the transformer is faulty, the doorbell will cease functioning. To determine whether the transformer is the issue, a voltmeter is used to test the terminals. If it does not match the transformer voltage mark, it’s time to get a replacement. Remember to call a professional electrician to do it.

  3. Disconnected push button wires

    In most cases, a spoilt doorbell is commonly caused by disconnected or loose wires found behind the push button. Contact an experienced electrician to assess whether the two wires emit sound when put in contact. If they do not emit sound, it could be a simple disconnection somewhere but if they produce sound, then the doorbell is broken and you will need a new one.

  4. Tripped Circuit

If all of the factors above are favorable, perhaps the cause is as simple as a malfunctioned circuit and all you have to do is reset it. Since your doorbell is likely to share power with other electrical devices, check if other devices in your home are working. If they have also ceased, reset the circuit to find.

We have diligently served homeowners and businesses in Oklahoma for long time and can assure you we have the best certified electricians who are adequately skilled in electrical repair, installation and replacement. Contact us about any electrical issues you might have, and our expects will be more than happy to help.


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