22 Dec 17

As Christmas draws nearer, you will need to check in with the electric meter and breaker to confirm if they are capable of handling increased electricity demands. A qualified electrician Tulsa can do these checks for you as well.  A lot of older homes cannot handle the demands that come with hanging up the extra lights. It does not matter if the lights are in the hallway, on the Christmas tree or all around the house-if, the circuits cannot handle the strain, there is the risk of an overload. Overloads can pose a great danger to the home, as they are a leading cause of fire outbreaks.

One way of upgrading is by installing a breaker box. The breaker box or panel is charged with even distribution of electricity in the house. In case of a power surge, the breaker box shuts down power in the home to prevent possible fire outbreaks. It also prevents damage to appliances. The breaker panel is mostly installed in basements, garages and even outdoors.

Factors to consider before an electrical meter and panel upgrade;

The age of the house

If the house is more than 20 years old, it definitely requires a meter upgrade. Current electrical appliances need a lot more than outdated meters can handle.

The electrical needs of the home

Many homes in Oklahoma have televisions, microwave ovens, hair driers, washing machines, dishwashers, music systems, refrigerators and many more appliances. These devices require a lot of power to run by themselves but when you throw in Christmas lighting, the power system may have a hard time accommodating such high voltage. A professional electrician OKC can check the meter/ panel and provide insights into the kind of upgrades required.

Blowing fuses and dimming lights

If fuses keep blowing every time an appliance is plugged in, that is an indication that the house’s meter box is weak or old. If lights go dim when an appliance is plugged in, then   the meter cannot handle the voltage required. Such meters won’t have a chance against   additional voltage from Christmas lights.

Limited outlets

If there are few plug points around the house and everyday appliances have to be disconnected in order to make room for others, then the house needs an electrical upgrade.  Some houses come with few power outlets and because of the growing need for different devices that perform different tasks, the meter and circuit breaker cannot handle the resulting voltage. Our electrician Tulsa will help install additional power outlets and upgrade your meter to accommodate the voltage sufficient to run the home.

Do not be left behind as neighbours set out to decorate their homes with those mesmerizing Christmas lights. If your home needs an electrical upgrade to accommodate the growing need for power, be sure to contact us at Colburn Electric.  Our technicians are always on hand to help you out, and will drive out to you within hours of making contact. We also provide emergency services to homes and businesses even over the holidays.

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