30 May 19

There are many purchases around the house that we make and forget about, and it is totally understandable because you can’t keep tabs on everything; you just can’t no matter how hard you try to. What with all the appliances fighting for counter space in different rooms around the house, you might not even be paying attention to those appliances that you actually need to. The water heater rarely gets any attention unless it breaks down and it’s time to replace it. As your OKC electrician, we thought we would remind you about the water heater and how you can maker last longer and work better in just three steps.

  1. Replace the anode rod when it is too corroded

    The anode rod is placed in a hanging position inside the tank so that it does not rot. You should remember to check it every year when you drain the tank. If the anode rod is corroded, don’t put replacing it off and do it as soon as you notice this because it could cause a breakdown of the whole tank, which will cost you a lot more. If the anode rod is not up to standard, then the water will corrode the inside of the tank, cutting its life short.

  2. Flush the heater tank at least once every year

    We are your trusted OKC electrician and you can take our word for it when we tell you that flushing it every year and not sometimes will make it last longer and function better. Use the manufacturer’s manual to see what the instruction for the process are. You can do this in your home without any professional help soset a date and do some work on your heater. There is not much to it and it is as simple as it is. All you have to do is open a hot water outlet that connects to the heater’s drain valve and allowit to drain for about five to ten minutes.

  3. Insulate the water tank properly

You won’t have to do this all the time as one wrapping is enough for a good number of years. This blanket of insulation that you place around the water heater improves its efficiency by as much as 40%. It will also help you save energy so if you are the kind of person who is environmentally conscious then this should be a useful tip for you.

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