29 Jul 19

TV stands are functional and create an appealing ambiance in your home or office. They are very versatile and come in different designs. Before buying a TV stand, it is advisable to know some of these designs. In this guide, we cover the different types based on design and material;

  1. Based on design

    Design is one of the most prominent factors to consider before purchasing a TV stand. It is mostly about the structure, shape and function you desire and that will blend perfectly in your home. Some of the more popular designs are;

    • Open Shelve

      This design has gained popularity among homeowners, especially those looking for a less inconspicuous setup. It does not take up a lot of space and provides an open, visual outlook. The open shelving design features a central frame that holds a couple of shelves and provides a mounting area for the TV set.

    • Console design

      Most console designs have a closed, rectangular shelving. The design is singular and comes in a holistic shape. It is an ideal piece of furniture that incorporates with useful shelves and an abundant surface area.

    • Audio towers design

      This is one of the modern designs that mimic an entertainment center. It has tall structured shelves on the side and a central shelf for the television itself. The design is great for those who want to place speakers and any other equipment on the side.

    • Cabinet design

      The cabinet design has two major types; one looks more like the console design which has a closed cabinetry and an open surface to place the television set. The other one has a set of drawers below and is fully enclosed in such a way that you can hide the screen when not in use.

    • Swivel design

      This design is perfect for TV sets that lack a rotating base and for people who love mounting speakers on the stand. The structure is fixed on a rotating platform that allows you to angle it in any direction you want to enhance visibility.

    • Floating

      The floating design is one of the classiest designs of modern time that is mounted on the wall, giving you some open floor space. It contains cord concealment and open shelving. You can choose to mount your screen on top of the stand or on its own above the stand.

    • Entertainment center

      If you want your living room to look more appealing and bring in the effect of an entertainment center, this is the ideal design. It has a detailed construction and artful presentation. It is massive and often used for housing books, media collection and pieces of art.

  2. Material

Another important factor to consider is the material;

  • Wood

    Wood has a luxurious look due to its color and breadth of style.

  • Metal

    If you prefer something lightweight with a slimmer shape, then metal is ideal for you.

  • Glass

Glass has a bold appearance with an open visual space that reveals the beauty of your electronics. It is fitted together with metal support pieces.


The type of TV stand you purchase plays an important role in the beauty of your home. We hope this guide has been helpful in giving you a glimpse of what to consider before purchasing a TV stand. For any inquiries related to electricity Tulsa  and OK electrics, feel free to contact us.



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