29 Sep 18
Electricity demand is on the rise all over the world. Most areas like Tulsa and Oklahoma City have outdated electrical systems that are not capable of withstanding today's electrical appliances and devices demands. There is an alarming rise in the number of fires happening in homes that are caused due to malfunctioning of electronics. Thousands of people continue getting electrocuted yearly at their homes as a result of electrical hazards happening.
However, we have seen to the introduction of new technology like tamper resistance receptacles (TRRs) and arc fault circuit interrupters ( AFCIs) that are used to prevent tragedies before they occur. Recent years in 2008 the National Electrical Code (NEC) increased electrical requirements for all new homes. This can help you increase the safety of your homes by reducing risks of fires and death that occur yearly.
Guide on how to use electricity
1. Safety of Extension Cord- all electrical appliances have cords, most fires originate from the improper use of extension cords, you should read all the guidelines on how to use it to avoid hazards. Ensure your cords do not have frays, cracks or kinks before using them, cords should not be used for other nonintended purposes like a skipping rope. Avoid nailing cords into position, covering it with rags as it reduces its ease of cooling.
2. Avoid electrical overloads- electrical circuits getting overloaded causes fire, it is actually one of the main reasons for most home fires. Do not put any object that is not the required size plug in an outlet. Cover all outlets with secure plates that protect all wiring.
3. Virtual homes- it is recommended you visit ESFI's so that you can take a look at how your electrical system impacts your safety at home.
4. Do not touch electrical appliances with wet hands. Water is a good conductor of electricity you can easily get electrocuted if you touch your dryer, toaster or electric kettle with wet hands.
5. Equip your house with CFCI's- any space that has running water should be equipped with ground fault circuit interrupters that help protect against shock hazards. They shut off a current that they think is dangerous in a circuit. All old houses should be inspected to install shock interrupters.
6. Electrical safety videos. They will equip you with knowledge and the technical know-how to deal with electrical issues and most importantly help you to be safe at all times.
Electrical fire safety tips for homes
1. Replace all lights switches that have a tendency of flickering and becoming too hot to touch.
2. Master the location of your fuse box and learn how to operate it properly this can come in handy during an emergency.
3. Get a certified electrician to do repairs, wiring and rewiring do not try doing this jobs on your own it can be quiet unfortunate.
4. Do not force a three pong plug into a two receptacle socket.
5. Purchase electrical appliances that have been approved by a well-known manufacturer like UL who have their own specifications in designs that are secure for their clients.
6. Always unplug any appliance that is not being used at that moment.
If you need a Tulsa electrical contractor, contact Colburn Electric. 

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