29 Dec 18

The threat of electrical fires both at the home and industrial level is always real. If you are the regular kind of person, then there is electricity in every single inch of your house. This power is helpful, but you need to know how to manage it in a way that pays attention to potential fire risks posed by electricity. Most of the time, electrical fires are brought about by wiring problems, but there are times where problems arise because of the way appliances and electrical units are set up and used. If a homeowner mishandles any of the electrics below, then there is always potential for fire;

Faulty appliances and outlets

 A large number of fires are the result of old appliances and bad outlets. We all love our old kettles, hair dryers, heaters and toasters, but in all truth, they are dangerous items to have around you as they multiply the probability of electrical fires starting. Always make sure that your appliances and outlets are in top shape and keep them well-maintained even if they have been around for some time. Always know when to let go of old electrical units that are more trouble than they are worth. Avoid worn cords because they can throw waves of heat into surfaces such as curtains or furniture.

Light fixtures

Some homeowners install light bulbs that come with a wattage most electricians Tulsa consider to be too high for the specific light fixture. This is a big cause of electrical fires. In order to prevent that from happening, just go with the right wattage and do not place any items on top of your bulbs or lamp shade because that item might heat up and end up igniting.

Circuits overload

When you plug too many appliances on to a single power point, circuits are overloaded, with the results being short circuits and electrical fires.

Portable heaters

The way portable heaters work, there is always a chance that they will at some point need to be near a combustible object. Coil space heaters, are, for example, very dangerous because the coils in them get so hot that they can light up anything around them that is flammable. There are some portable heater types out there (e.g. the radiator variety) that will distribute heat over the heater, making them highly likely to become overheated and cause a fire.

Charging appliances

When you buy a phone, a tablet or a laptop computer, you get chargers that come with the same items. The problem comes in when your chargers wear out and you are forced to switch brands in such a way that your charger manufacturer is no longer your device manufacturer. This opens up an entire can of worms because some charging devices do not have the required voltage to charge phones, tablets or laptops from different companies.  The result could be overheating, hence electrical fires.

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