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When winter comes, temperatures go below freezing point , so people try everything they have on hand to keep warm. At such cold times, you will find space heaters, boilers, furnaces, woodstoves and the likes, all trying to keep the temperatures at levels that are livable.


Though all these appliances can make the home feel cozier, we have to be careful not to turn them into dangers. The appliances can easily cause damage if not properly handled. The U.S Fire Administration has numbers that show home heating to be one of the leading causes of fires. It is second only to cooking and accounts for 21% of the fires in American households. With such statistics, we should all find out about safety before avoidable accidents cause damage.


  1. Service the HVAC system


    Call your trusted HVAC company for any servicing you need on the HVAC system. A technician should inspect your system at least once each year. Apart from routine maintenance, the technician will also repair anything that is off with the unit. The technician will also show you a thing or two about maintenance for the simple DIY projects like changing air filters.

  2. Keep the chimney clean

    Any unattended fireplace can accumulate creosote over a number of uses and clog the chimney from below. The chimney can also be blocked from above if debris keeps falling in or the chimney itself is not in good condition.

  3. Combustible material should always be kept away from heat sources

    Any appliances around the house that produces enough heat to cause a fire if unattended to should be kept away from anything combustible. Curtains, furniture, carpets and other combustible material should be kept away from radiators, vents, space heaters and such.

  4. Make sure the smoke detectors are working

    It doesn’t take a lot of time to complete such checks. Take a few moments and verify that the smoke detectors are working. Smoke detectors may be the difference between your house catching fire and remaining safe after an electrical fault.

  5. Don’t use a blowtorch to thaw pipes

You can’t stay with frozen pipes but you should be careful not to burst pipes while thawing them. Such damage can cost you a lot of money to repair. You should use options that thaw pipes without causing such damage. You can use heat options such as space heater, heat lamp, hot towel or dryer. The idea is to avoid open flames at all costs.

Are you safe against fire?

Domestic fires are a real danger both in residential and commercial spaces. It is important that your Tulsa electrician tell you whether you are protected against fire or not. For a professional electrician OKC, safety codes come first.

Contact us for the best service

We are always glad to help you with anything you need when it comes to electricity. There are lots of services on offer and you shouldn’t miss them. Contact us for all your electrical problems and we shall sort them out.


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