29 Mar 18


We all know about environmentally friendly ways of living and why our carbon footprint should be as small as possible. It saves us money and preserves the world for future generations. You can learn a lot of tricks that make you a better conservationist from your OKC electrician. These are tips that should be passed on to the younger generation so that they are smart about energy usage too.

Raising energy smart kids takes more than the constant reminders to turn lights and appliances off. Rather than turning energy conservation into a constant battle around the house, you could use these tips to make it a fun part of their lifestyle.

  1. Teach the kids about local energy

    Kids don’t know much about power; they just know that the lights come on when the switch is flicked. It is a good idea to teach your kids about energy production in your area. Spend time with the kids finding out what goes into energy production. By understanding what concept, kids will be more involved in energy usage around the house. Knowing how energy is produced is incentive for the kids to be mindful of energy usage.

  2. Thermostat control

    Your kids should know about the thermostat and how a few degrees can make the difference between excessive energy usage and conservation. Sit with the family and come up with ways in which you can regulate indoor temperature. Brainstorm and allow all sorts of ideas for the best configuration. The kids will feel more responsible for the thermostat’s operation if each has a feature to control.

  3. Let the kids help whenever they want to

    Kids enjoy helping out around the house whenever. Letting them do some energy saving chores is a good idea. You can teach your kids to do all sorts of things such as changing LEDs, vacuuming the air vents in the living room, changing filters for the HVAC system, or even hosing down the outdoor HVAC system.

  4. Teach them to save for a goal

Energy usage can be a complicated concept for the kids to understand but you can still get through to them. Teach them using the simplest ideas so that they have a grasp of the concept. Make the kids understand how much energy the TV consumes for instance or how much electricity a video game console consumes. Use a chart where they can award themselves energy stars when they do something that doesn’t have to do with electricity consumption in the house. These stars can aim at a larger goal so that a certain amount of stars earns them a treat. Your kids will adopt a lifestyle of frugality when it comes to electricity consumption through the activities they do to earn stars.

As you teach the kids to learn using electricity better, you could go a step further and introduce them to an electrician OKC who is certified in residential electrical work. Such professionals have a different and in-depth take about electricity that your kids could benefit from.


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