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A thermostat  automatically regulates the temperature of a room and performs cooling actions when the temperature reaches a certain point. A thermostat is precisely what you need to make your home livable during times of extreme temperatures. There are some actions you need to take to keep your thermostat up and running, and below is a little help.


  • Get a programmable thermostat

Get a programmable thermostat that not only makes adjusting the temperature easier, but also comes with an app, which allows you to manage things remotely. Here, you can choose any of the programing options below;


  • 7-Day programming

    This enables you to have a different schedule for each day of the week. Program your thermostat to always to turn on 20-30 minutes before you get home. It is a program for people with fluctuating schedules.


  • 5-2 Programming

    You can have two schedules; one from Monday to Friday and another one from Saturday to Sunday. This is relevant for people with a consistent schedule during weekdays and weekends.


  • 1-Week programming

This is a program for the entire week. It is always convenient for those who spend most of their time at home.


  • Clean your thermostat

    The most common reason thermostats operate poorly is dirt. Dirt affects the thermostat's calibration. When running a dirty thermostat, additional energy is used, causing your fuel bills to increase by about 7%. Cleaning your thermostat improves its efficiency and increases its life span. To clean your thermostat, first remove the cover, then take a soft brush to gently clean in between the contact points. Place a crisp dollar bill between the contact points and move it front and back carefully to remove any dust or debris that might have stuck in the crevices. While cleaning the thermostat, avoid touching its interior parts with your figures. In case you notice loose wires, do not attempt to fix them; call an electrician Tulsa to do the job.


  • Adjust heat anticipator

The heat anticipation has a small disc attached to the bimetallic coil of the thermostat. The disc has a thin wire and an adjustable arm that touches the wire. The arm's position determines the electrical resistance of the wire. It has an arrow-shaped pointer on the disk pointing to a similar graduated scale. Increasing burner time to the highest scale makes the burner output less heat, preventing the thermostat from turning off too early. When the heat anticipator in your thermostat is not adjustable, it can never reach the desired thermostat heat setting.


At Colburn Electric, we specialize in all things electricity. If you are facing problems with your thermostat, get in touch with your favorite OKC electrician, and we will be sure to come in and rectify that anomaly.






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