30 May 16

When you are ready to take your outdoor living to the next level by creating an entertaining wonderland you will likely call in a team of professionals to transform the space. And while that team will likely include a landscape designer and a contractor for the patio or deck, one additional member you may not have thought about is an electrician.

The Tulsa electrician you hire will not be planting trees or shrubs, or creating a patio, but they can be a big part of assisting in those wow factor finishing touches that will set the space apart. A few examples of the details that can make the difference include: 

In-Ground, Accent or Pathway Lighting

Not all landscape lighting is designed for DIY installation. Depending on the products you are considering, calling in a licensed Tulsa electrician can help you get the job done safely and up to code. Think beyond the ground and also explore other ways to illuminate pergolas, arbors or other structures to transform the space for evening use.

Pool, Spa and Other Water Lighting

Getting the right illumination for the water on your property can be a beautiful sight at night. Whether you are looking to add some simple lighting around a spa or draw attention to a pond, waterfall or fountain, working with a professional electrician can help you make the most of these features, while addressing safety concerns about any electrical near water.

Outdoor Power for Fans or Speakers

Beyond the lighting there are many other reasons to need increased access to electrical sources outdoors at your Tulsa area home. Adding an outdoor ceiling fan is a common upgrade to a covered patio, while finishing off the space with speakers designed for exterior use are details to consider for entertaining in the space.

The outdoor space at your home should not be for daylight use only. Calling in a Tulsa electrician can help you complete the transformation of your exterior entertaining areas with the proper illumination, designed to operate safely and stand up to the elements.

Contact the team at Colburn Electric for up front pricing so you know the cost for your project while enjoying the high quality service provided. Whether you have a few small adjustments to the electrical in your home or are thinking of a larger scale project, calling in the professionals can get the job done right.

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