12 Jul 18

There are plenty of tools out there used to manage electrical surges and lightning. The average homeowner or small business won’t be able to know what they need to handle electricity issues. At Colburn Electric, we strive to put this knowledge in the mainstream. We believe that lightning arresters are the ideal solution to the problems posed by lightning. Simply put, a lightning arrester is a device that is used to shield insulation and conductors from lightning. It comes with both a ground terminal and a voltage terminal.

What good does a lightning arrester do?

It keeps your power lines safe

Fragile cables and wires outside your home are always at risk when lightning strikes. While the danger they pose might not be substantial, you want to avoid any risk of fires. You also don’t want to end up spending hundreds of dollars fixing damaged wires after a strike, and the best way to avoid that is simply investing in an arrester.

It keeps your property intact

When an arrester is installed outside a home or commercial building, it works to prevent structural damage to the property around it. Arresters installed on the outdoors are however more expensive than conventional ones and only need to be considered in places highly prone to lightning. This way, they will also save property from the effect of trees falling as a result of lightning.

Makes sure outlets don’t surge

There are simple lightning arresters out there, and some are placed on the inside of a building. Their purpose is to reduce the levels of surge at the outlet point. Here, you have plenty of choices, depending on your budget. You can go for simple units that look like the normal power strip or choose high end devices that come with sophisticated functionalities. Before making a choice, you will need to take a look at your location as well as the specific premises involved and their needs. Whatever you go for should be able to keep people and property safe.

Arresters are able to filter electromagnetic interference

A good arrester goes way beyond just making sure that your devices and cables stay free from the effects of lighting; it is actually capable of filtering the kind of power that runs through your system via a process called Electromagnetic Filtration. Generally, it involves your arrester keeping your clean from contaminants from the outside environment. Keep in mind that EMI filtration is a rather sophisticated process, so there is a need to discuss the options available with a qualified OKC electrician.

Thinking about getting an arrester?

A simple arrester is enough to save you from the damaging effects if lighting on your power. Most arresters are very easy to install and control. Still, before you decide to get the job done, it is advisable to enlist the help of an electrician Tulsa. At Colburn Electric, we are dedicated to solving all your electrical needs and arrester installation and maintenance is one of the things we are good at.

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