30 Jan 19

Put simply, the solar technology hinges on a combination of cells that generate electricity using energy from the sun. Energy from solar panels is advantageous in that the provider is a free, natural resource. Individuals or companies need to embrace solar panels despite having electricity. Solar energy does not have rates of payment after installation- unlike electricity, which you have to pay according to usage. Installing solar panels is convenient, since you can use both solar energy and electricity to power homes or offices.

Here is why  your OKC electrician  believes you should at least think about solar powered energy solutions;

Reduced bills

Solar panels draw their energy from the sun. The sun is a natural source and does not require you to pay bills in order to use its energy. Some homeowners use solar energy, which is able to power a small house. During warm days, more energy is generated than consumed. People that live in cloudy areas are also able to get solar energy through the sun (though not as much, but it is able to power their houses). Solar energy panels draw energy from the sun even when it is cloudy. Solar panels therefore help individuals cut on costs as far as electricity bills are concerned.

Energy security

Energy security is easy to achieve when you have solar panel energy. This is because sources of energy such as electricity and fossil fuels are exhaustible. On the other hand, the sun is a natural resource-you do not have to worry about it getting used up. The sun produces about 3.8 million tons of energy each second and human beings use only about one percent of the generated energy. Solar panels require very minimum energy to power several individual residences. People with solar panels do not have to worry about energy running out since its supply is plenty.

Decreased reliance on other forms of energy

Solar panel creates sustainability and independence from expensive providers of energy. The sun is advantageous in that its rates don’t increase. Some countries have actually increased electricity prices by four percent. If this continues, people who have installed solar panels will be safer in the long run. Homeowners should therefore take advantage of the benefits of solar energy as early as they can so investment in solar energy can yield higher returns-the convenience of this form of energy is a massive pull factor.

Solar energy does not negatively impact the environment

The solar system emits very low levels of carbon dioxide over many years. Energy sources such as coal emit very high levels of carbon dioxide, which contribute to global warming. Rather than burning fuels that destroy the ozone layer, people should adapt solar energy because it does not harm the environment. After all, we all know that the depletion of the ozone layer is fatal to human kind.

While we fully embrace the use of electricity, we at Colburn Electric also encourage you to consider the use of solar powered technologies because their convenience is unparalleled. If you need any electrical or solar service carried out at your home or place of business, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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