29 Mar 19

Choosing a shower is simpler than choosing other bathroom fixtures and fittings. Always plan well in advance if you want to land the right fit. Think about the type of the shower, shower tray, type of enclosure and the shower head.

•    What kind of a shower do you need?

Below are different types of showers to choose from for your home;

i.    Digital shower

A digital shower is controlled by a panel. The panel communicates with the power unit, which is located in an air cupboard to control the flow and temperature of the water. The water is delivered to the wall, then to the shower head.

ii.    Electric shower

An electric shower always heats water on demand. The shower takes water from the main cold-water supply, passing it through a heating point inside the shower unit. With an electric shower, you can never run out of hot water. The shower heats water as required, minimizing wastage and storage, which affect overall energy efficiency. For bathrooms that are generally only used sparingly, an electric shower remains a popular option.

iii.    Mixer shower

This is a shower that uses hot and cold-water supply and water is mixed in a unit as it leaves the shower head.  Mixer showers are suitable for a house with a large hot water cylinder because they rely on readily available hot water. In case of low water pressure, a pump is required to boost things.

•    Shower system

You may want to have a huge shower head that drenches you in the right water temperature; However, you may end up disappointed by wildly reduced flow rates. To avoid this, choose the right shower for your hot water system. Below are some systems to choose from;

i.    Main pressure system

Other than a cold-water header tank providing gravity pressure, the pressure in the main water supply is used to pressurize the hot and cold supply. A pressure limiting valve is used to keep the pressure from rising beyond the expected point. The hot water can be heated in a cylinder on a central heating system. This cylinder has to be designed to store hot water under pressure. A pressurized system with an unvented cylinder will provide a powerful shower with balanced hot and cold water.

ii.    Gravity system

A hot water cylinder is often found in an airing cupboard, as is a cold-water cylinder which is commonly referred to a header tank. The cylinder can be heated by a boiler or immersion heater. The pressure of the shower depends on the distance from the bottom of the tank to the top of the shower head. The longer the distance, the higher the pressure.

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