19 Aug 15

Over time your demands on the electrical in your home may change or increase. If you have concerns that your system may be overworked or you have indications that there are problems, calling in a Tulsa electrician can assess the situation and let you know if a panel upgrade is the solution.

Have you added new appliances?

Before you make your home more comfortable in the heat of the summer with a new air conditioner, calling in a Tulsa electrician can verify if your existing panel can handle the new unit. Even though smaller appliances are often not a factor; stoves, refrigerators and other large appliances could change the demands on the system.

Do you need additional outlets for safety or convenience?

If you have resorted to using power strips and extension cords, you could be creating a dangerous situation at your home. This can be the result of not having outlets where you need them, or needing additional outlets from what is currently in your home. Calling in a Tulsa electrician can help accommodate new outlets and light switches while reviewing the panel so the whole set up is up to code and provides the necessary performance.

Are there concerns about faulty wiring?

Flickering or dimming lights, a burning smell, discolored power outlets or a slight shock when you touch an appliance, can be signs of faulty wiring in the walls and out of your line of site or in the panel itself. This problem you might not be able to see the cause of, means your home could be at risk for a fire.

The team at Colburn Electric has experience helping homeowners in Tulsa and the surrounding areas troubleshoot electrical issues while providing exceptional service. Regardless of the reason for your call, you can expect a professional Tulsa electrician to examine the panel of your home, as well as other concerns you might have and then provide recommendations on the necessary adjustments that need to be made.

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