11 Aug 16

The cooler temps are on their way. Although that is hard to imagine as the hot summer days continue, the beginning of the school year is here and fall is right behind it. While you may have thought the most taxing time for your home’s electrical comes during the months where your air conditioner is working overtime, each season presents a set of challenges.

As you prepare to pack up the shorts in a month or so, take the time to make sure your home is ready for the new season as well.  Some steps to take include:

Quickly Addressing Existing Concerns

If you are noticing blown circuits, flickering lights or other issues calling in a professional Tulsa electrician can help you troubleshoot the problem. Unfortunately problems with electrical systems will not resolve themselves and once an issue becomes out of sight it could signal a larger problem behind the walls of your home. Unlike many other repairs, the DIY approach should not be applied to electrical, instead the knowledge and experience of a trained technician should be used.

Being Proactive through Inspection

Each season change is also a good time to check for frayed cords, loose wiring and other fire hazards throughout your home. As cooler temperatures roll in, you make look to warm up the space as well. Extension cords can be especially dangerous for many reasons and it is often recommended not to use them with some heat sources to avoid overheating and fires.

Calling in the Professionals for Fire Safety

When you schedule a fire safety inspection of your home, the Tulsa electrician should take a through look at the system. Some of the areas they may focus on include: tightening all connections in the main panel, checking smoke detector batteries, testing GFI’s and testing the ground rod. For more specific questions on fire safety issues , consider reaching to your local fire department for tips or to answer concerns you may have.

Whether you need a professional Tulsa electrician for a specific repair, or you just feel it is time to be proactive inspecting your home, the team at Colburn Electric is ready to help. With up-front pricing and same day service for many calls, you can have your home back on track in no time!

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