15 Dec 17

Like every other electrical equipment, electric blankets can be dangerous if not carefully used. For this reason, safety precautions should be practiced when using and storing electric blankets. When uncertainties arise, an electrician OKC can check on your piece for any faults.

 Take a look at the below guidelines on good safety practices for electric blankets;

Do not use an electric blanket with electric mattress pad

Using an electric blanket at the same time as an electric mattress pad is discouraged. This is because it may result in overheating.

Do not run the cords between the mattress and box spring

Running the control cords between the box spring could lead to the cord getting damaged by friction. It can also become a fire hazard as the heat in the cord has nowhere to escape through.

Do not use electric blankets with infants and toddlers.

Electric blankets should not be used with infants, toddlers and people with immobility issues or the disabled. People who cannot use the controls on the blanket or do not understand how to use the unit are also a no-no. An electrician Tulsa can assist in training you and your loved ones on how to use electric blankets to avoid accidents in the home.

Do not use with adjustable beds

Adjustable beds, reclining chairs and pullout sofas pose a great risk as heating wires or control cords can be pinched in the process of adjusting or setting up furniture.

Keep pets away from the electric blankets

Wires can be damaged by a sharp tooth or claw of the pet. That is why it is advisable to keep pets away from electric blankets or mattress pads.

Never fold the blanket while still in use

If a blanket is folded or balled up while still in use, it can become a fire hazard as the heat gets trapped inside there. It is necessary to make sure the heated area on the blanket lies flat on the bed to encourage proper heat transfer.

Contact the manufacturer if the blanket is not working effectively

If the blanket is overheating on one area or there is a burn mark on it, then contact  the manufacturer immediately.  Contact a qualified electrician Tulsa if the manufacturer is not available or if warranty has expired and the blanket is working improperly.

Other safety precautions to keep in mind include;

  • When storing the blanket, loop the cord loosely to avoid damaging it.
  • Avoid using pins and needles around the electric blanket so as not to damage the wire insulation.
  • Always switch off the blanket when not in use.
  • Do not iron the blanket.
  • Do not dry clean the blanket.
  • Never use a warming blanket on a waterbed.

Electric blankets require just as much attention as all the other electric appliances in the house. If you are having trouble with your electric blanket or need guidance on properly using it, you can contact Colburn Electric right away.




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