23 Mar 19

The loss of power in a particular area can either be short term or long term. Some of the causes of power outage include electric transmission damage, faulty appliances at the power stations and issues with circuit breakers.

Most of the time, you will know about an outage before it occurs, so there is time to prepare. Below is a look at how to prepare for this eventuality;

Water Storage

Water is an important necessity in every home. Families require at least twenty liters a day. More water is also needed for extra activities such as laundry, cooking and overall hygiene. These activities may need a lot of water and most families do not have enough space to store it. It is advisable to have stored water that can last you for almost a week. If not, make sure you can get water from natural resources such as lakes and rivers.


Power may go off for a while, and food shelves become empty within a very short time. Having food that does not require microwaving or cooling should be a priority for such emergencies. It is good to always stock the shelves with foods that your family is comfortable with. Such foods could include rice, milk powder, cereals, fruit juices and chocolates. As you buy these foods, always remember to check their expiry dates, since they are meant to be used during emergencies. These foods may be costly to buy at once; therefore, it’s advisable to restock your shelves by staggering your purchases.


Long spells of power outage may interfere with how you live since you may not get the medicines you need at a particular time. However, this can be solved through getting acquainted with survival methods, which help to improve the health of your family.  Keep stock of extra medications for long term use. A first aid kit is also a necessity during power outages. You can always buy one from a shop or come up with one by use of locally available materials.


Radio overlook

When preparing for emergencies, it is good to know what is going on around you. This is because the wireless fidelity signals may sometimes disappoint. It is therefore good to store dry cells that can power your radio.


Power outage may cause inconveniences to people at work places and even at home. However, dealing with power outage is quite simple. When at home, have alternative means of carrying out activities such as water storage since water pumps may not function without electricity. You should always have alternative means either in organizations or at home so that power outage may not cause much inconvenience. If you are experiencing abnormal power hiccups, contact us here at Colburn Electric and we will     come   to you.

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