21 May 17

If you’ve watched any backyard makeover shows, you may notice that more of the indoors seem to be coming outside. That includes a large variety of electrical details. Of course when you consider all the elements that outdoor lighting and power outlets are exposed to, it becomes important to call in a Tulsa Electrician to get the job done safely.

A few examples of when to call in the professionals:

Outdoor kitchens

If you plan to take many of the conveniences of your indoor kitchen outside, you will need the right power sources. This can include anything from power for a beverage fridge to an outdoor dishwasher. Also think if your will have tools such as a blender out there or any electronics. As you plan your outdoor prep area, don’t forget to schedule an electrician to make sure your electrical is ready for all the details you plan to incorporate.

Entertaining spaces

If you are adding a covered deck to an outdoor living space, then you may also be considering a fan or outlets to have a television or speakers. A Tulsa electrician can advise and install the proper wiring and outlets for outdoor use.

Landscape and exterior residential lighting

Solar lighting can be a popular option for outdoor lighting due to it’s easy DIY installation. There are a few areas where solar lighting many not be an option and for those, calling in a Tulsa electrician can help. These can include replacing existing exterior fixtures or installing soffit lighting instead for a new effect on your home. This can also include lighting installed in pillars, steps, posts or around pools. If you are planning on wired lighting, calling in the professionals can provide a safe installation.

From simple repairs to large scale projects, Colburn Electric has years of experience helping homeowners and businesses. If you are ready to enhance your property, call in the team of professionals to guide you through the process.

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