22 Dec 18

Here at Colburn Electric, we believe that the kitchen is the focal point in every home. It is where everyone    wakes up to in the morning and returns to at the end of the day to grab a bite. It therefore needs to stand up to scrutiny, at least in terms of the electrical fittings in there. One of the things you will be looking to focus on while transforming your kitchen space is the lighting in there. Most homeowners in Tulsa only focus on one kind of lighting for the kitchen, which is really a shame-after all, we do not always eat the same food every day! There are several options you could go with, as explained below;

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is the most common form of lighting in every room in the country. It illuminates the kitchen as soon as you touch a switch. When it comes to this kind of lighting, you need to make sure that every square foot of the space available gets an equal distribution of the share of light available as the rest. To achieve that, you will need to use multiple units, where lights can be mounted on the ceiling or recessed. Ambient lighting should point downwards toward your working areas but units should be placed in such a way that there are no shadows.

Those who want to express their taste can go with ceiling fixtures. Anything hanging from the ceiling stands out in an exquisite manner, and goes along way toward making your kitchen classy and beautiful. Those who have a lean toward a look that is as modern as it is uncluttered can go for recessed lighting.

Ask your Tulsa electrician to throw in a dimmer switch, as this gives you complete control over what lighting effect you want, and the resulting atmosphere is superb.

Accent Lighting

Accent lights are all about pointing focus to a specific part of the kitchen you want to stand out. Some people want to display art or memorabilia while others simply want to draw attention to a thrilling aspect of their kitchen architecture. Whatever you want to draw attention to, recessed or track lighting approaches are the way to go. Make sure that your lights are adjustable enough to be directly pointed to the object of interest.

Task Lighting

The kitchen has plenty of work spaces, and they include sinks, islands, desks and countertops. These parts of the kitchen require a great deal of care when setting up your lighting, because they need a different level of focus. There are all kinds of recessed lighting options for these spaces.

Pendant lights are also highly favored by your OKC electrical contractor. They throw a concentrated beam of light towards workspaces and are therefore a superb choice for those doing their homework. They also work pretty well with dimmer switches.

Colburn electric is a leading Tulsa electrical contractor, and we work hard toward making sure that you do not experience any electrical problems around the home. If you are looking to have your kitchen lights installed, reach out to us right away.

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