10 Jan 19

Buying a home feels like a rollercoaster ride most of the time. At first, you are excited about at last getting a place of your own. The next minute, you are worried to death about what to go for and whether you can show the right judgementto pull it off. Looking at a house, you get to like what you see, but there can be so many problems that you can’t see. The electrical situation in your new home is the first thing you absolutely need to look out for,because electricity is both risky and costly if everything is not done right. If you are in the market for a home, keep an eye out for the issues raised below;

The service panel

The service panel is one of the most important parts of your home’s electrical setup. It is essentially the control room of all electrical operations inside your compound. As time passes, electric panels become aged and start slowly breaking apart. When entering a new home, you need to make sure that this panel is up to scratch.  Look out for loose connections or flayed wires in this panel. If the wires are not secured, then you are going to be suffering lots of flickers and electricity shortages in your new home. Loose wires are also known to be dangerous because they tend to spark and at worst can lead to serious electrical fires. A good Electrician Tulsa will be able to tell you whether your panel is in the right condition or not.


As a potential owner of a new home, you absolutely need to know the kind of wiring the new home comes with. One of the types of wiring you need to avoid is the aluminum variety. It has long been established that aluminum wires will loosen easier than any other type out there. They also heat up faster than other types of wire, and that makes them a risk because too much heat causes fires. If the new home has old knob-and-tube wiring inside it, find a solution because this wiring tends to age and become weak and brittle. This type of wiring is not even up to the modern electrical standards, and that’s a big reason to get rid of it. Have an OKC electrician take a look at the wiring in the home you want to occupy and serve their judgement on what needs to be done.

Testing the outlets

This is going to take some time because most homes have several outlets in each room. It is a tiresome job, but it needs doing. Electrical outlets inside the home should never look loose, dirty or burnt. Have your Tulsa electrical contractor take a look around and test all outlets to confirm whether they have been well grounded and are getting their correct share of electricity. Some people totally ignore the grounding part, but it is a crucial step   that can save you   from electrocution.



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