28 Feb 18

Extreme weather is an unforeseen happening that can cause a lot of damage when it does hit.  Life and property are at risk. A wise homeowner is always keen to make sure they are well prepared for such disastrous events. The good thing is a lot of the disaster proofing methods available out there also work to make your home more energy efficient. Read on to find out all about keeping your home safe during disaster.

The type of walls you choose for your house

Wind-proof walls are one of the techniques used to keep your home disaster-proof. Insulated concrete forms (ICFs) can be used to make a frame that is stable and provides for easy and quick construction. Aside from outdoing other construction forms in stability, it is also more resistant to fire. Concrete framing might cost you much more than what you expect to pay for wooden framing but it also comes with a lot of savings. Concrete walls have very good insulation which makes the house feel warmer without using up as much energy for heating and cooling. You may be able to make savings of up to some few hundred dollars. However, in other cases, this goes up to as much as 80% of your energy bill! Besides, insurance also comes cheaper for such houses.

Maximize on use of  solar

You don’t have to get hit directly to have felt the effects of calamitous weather. You could be in your perfectly intact home with no light for days in a row. Solar panels are the best way to make sure you have energy until electricity is back again. You have to keep in mind how the solar panels are connected to your power grid so that you know how dependent they are on your home’s power connection.  Most solar setups are not able to work independent of the electrical grid they are connected to. However, there are those that allow you to charge the batteries for use to provide lighting.

Use surge protectors

If you know how much home electronics can set you back, then you will be keen to protect them. A lighting strike, power surge or electricity disruption can cause damage to the electronics. When you have a notice warning you of impending disaster, then you should unplug all electronic items even though often times disaster hits unannounced.

We are the experts

When it comes to protection against a disaster, your Tulsa electrician can help a lot. If you are looking for a certified electrician OKC, the city has many seasoned professionals to help you out. A professional should come and inspect the electrical grid in your house and also check that the electronics are working right.

Getting ready for a disaster means you are capable of pulling through the impending danger. Incase nothing happens, you can take comfort in the knowledge that all the work is still a sound investment on your property.

If you have a plan to get you ready for disasters, do not hesitate to call us and let us know how we can help. Our team of electricians is always ready to serve you whenever you need them.



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