Is your landscaping lacking proper lighting?
21 Nov 18

Whether you already have the yard of your dreams, or are planning a large scale outdoor project, lighting is one area that should not be overlooked. Unlike other elements of the space that you can do on your own if you choose, some outdoor lighting requires calling in a professional electrician in the Tulsa area.

If you find yourself entertaining outdoors into the early evening, working with a Tulsa area electrician to add lighting to your outdoor plans can increase the usability of the space in many ways. An outdoor ceiling fan can help cool down a covered patio, or new lighting fixtures can update the look of your home.

From a safety perspective outdoor lighting can illuminate walkways, highlight retaining walls or steps and provide the coverage around pools or spas. Deck or post lighting can also be incorporated into the design. Think of the areas of your home that lack light sources and could benefit from an upgrade. 

If there are other areas in your yard that you want more lighting for security, discuss that with an electrician for solutions on your Tulsa area home. For some homeowners that includes motion lights or flood lights for areas they are concerned about. The expert you call should be able to help you with the placement to get the best coverage while limiting the amount of light that might disturb neighbors.

Running power to an outbuilding on your property, whether it is a small shed or something much larger can enhance the usability of the space.  With all projects, ask the professional you are working with about energy efficient choices in both fixtures and the installation and operation process.

If you are looking for a Tulsa area electrician for the job, Colburn Electric can wire and add lights to your hot tub, swimming pool, deck, patio or landscaping. To customize the installation ask about timers or interior switches for added convenience. Working with a professional can help address any concerns you have with making improvements that are up to the local building code as well.

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