29 Nov 17


Electricity is good for many things but it can also cause fatal accidents around the home. As a matter of fact, electricity is one of the leading causes for fires in the home. With the all technology that we have at our disposal, we are finding new ways of using electricity at home every day.

Just two decades ago, homes didn’t have so many gadgets and gizmos. A hi-fi system, VCR and a TV were all the entertainment you could find. Fast forward to the present time and you have at least a few TVs, game consoles, a satellite receiver, a computer and many others. Consequently, the risk of something going wrong is even greater. So how safe is your home? Are you one switch away from a disaster? Find out below.

Are you sockets, plugs and adaptable cables in good condition?

Homeowners often seem to assume that their electric connections are meant to last forever. On the contrary, sockets, plugs, and adaptable cables get damaged and become safety hazards that could result in fires or electric shock. You should always do the following to ensure your family’s safety;

  • Replace damaged cables as soon as you notice them. These expose your family to electric hazards.
  • Always buy plugs with the appropriate safety marks. Such plugs have neutral pins in addition to the live pins and can be inserted and removed from the socket safely.
  • Routinely check plugs and sockets for any burn marks and also check to see if they feel hot. You should also listen out for crackling or buzzing sounds.

How do your use power strips?

Power strips are a good way to extend the use of your sockets and with all the appliances around the home, even a room with 6 sockets would still need power strips. These power strips are often used incorrectly, turning them into real safety hazards. Some common ways we get it wrong with power strips include;

  • Plugging one power strip to another
  • Buying substandard products because they cost less
  • Overloading power strips which is particularly dangerous when done with high voltage appliances like irons, kettles and heaters.

Are you using old wiring?

If you are living in an old house, chances are your wiring needs to be checked thoroughly. The wiring in the house can last for years without needing repairs and it’s the reason we tend to forget about routine checks. However, faulty and dated wiring is a major cause of household fires. Checking the wiring, switches, sockets, cables and other accessories will ensure each component is functioning as it should while the aged parts are replaced.

Do you take on more DIY projects than you should?

Most homeowners feel like fixing problems around the house for themselves is the proper thing to do. In addition, doing minor fixes by yourself saves you money since you don’t need a professional. However, when it comes to electricity, very few projects can be done without the help of a professional electrician OKC. It is very easy for people without the knowledge to flout electrical safety codes, and that could prove fatal. Rather than run the risk, you’d rather have a professional handle even what seems to be the simplest task.

When it comes to electricity, you always have to be on the lookout for any red flags. Home owners should take it upon themselves to know about the electrical components in their homes too. You should also note that any qualified OKC electrician needs   certification if they are going to carry out any work in your home.



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