22 Sep 15
The charm of an older home can be appealing, and often prime locations are well-established neighborhoods, built decades ago. Whether you are updating a home that has been in your family for generations, or you just purchased your dream home, there are some simple upgrades a Tulsa electrician can make.

One of the first suggestions you might hear relates to outlets in your home, especially those in the kitchen, bathroom or laundry area. Working with a knowledgeable Tulsa electrician can help you learn the importance of ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets.

Why have an electrician install GFCI outlets?

These special outlets are used to reduce the risk of shock because they feature built-in circuit breaker that interrupts the flow of electricity the instant it senses a ground fault or current leak.  Although local codes vary, places they are often required. While people often focus on the interior outlets, the exterior receptacles should be up to code as well.

Is it a project for the DIY enthusiast?

Before you take this task on yourself, consider the training that electricians go through before they can show proficiency for certain licensure. For that reason, a licensed Tulsa electrician should be contacted for the installation to ensure your safety. GFCI outlets can be an important safety feature, but they must be properly installed to be effective.

How can you make the most a visit with a Tulsa electrician?

Calling in a professional means you are getting an expert on the local code in your area. This is essential in both new construction, remodeling that requires permits or inspections and having peace of mind in the quality of the work. If you were to sell your home with electrical that is not up to code, potential buyers might be concerned enough to ask for a discount or even walk away from the property.

While older homes are the most obvious to consider calling in a Tulsa electrician for an update, a safety review of your home’s electrical system should be something that you include in maintenance on your home. You likely have your roof and other structural elements inspected, so pay attention to what is happening in your walls as well. 

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