07 Jul 15

Fire prevention week is observed each year on the Sunday through Saturday period in which October 9 falls. The first National Fire Prevention Day proclamation was issued in 1920 by President Woodrow Wilson and it has been observed since 1922 in the October time frame. While it is now summer, and our minds are focused on the heat of the season, when you think about all the power being used in your home, you might want to consider calling in a Tulsa electrician for a quick fire inspection of your home.

Electrical plays a part in a comprehensive fire prevention of your home, as overloaded outlets and other potential issues can have dire consequences. In some cases, homeowners are not even aware they are overtaxing their existing set up. While you may need to bring in a few trades for take a look at your entire space, an electrician can look at the following items:

  •              • Checking all the batteries in your smoke detectors
  •              • Testing all GFI’s
  •              • Testing on the Ground Rod
  •              • Performing random checks on devices such as outlets or light switches for tightness
  •              • Checking the outside condenser disconnect for tightness
  •              • Tightening all connections in the main panel


Whether you have lived in your home for decades, or are still unpacking from a recent move, calling in a Tulsa electrician for a fire safety inspection can help identity current or potential issues. In addition to some quick maintenance, you should also receive some suggested steps to make your home even safer once the testing is complete.

While an ongoing approach to caution is the foundation of fire prevention, an expert can help you evaluate components using electrical knowledge to address the areas you might not be able to see, or know how to inspect. The team at Colburn Electric has earned a reputation for quality service in the Tulsa area. When you are calling in an electrician for something as important as inspection of your home’s power, working with a professional is necessary. 

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