30 Dec 17

It is another year with yet another festive season; Christmas. This spells sales, gifts, of course, lots, and lots of Christmas decorations. Christmas lights are some of the most common decorations available all over the world. There are several varieties of festive tones to light up your deck, and   you can pick any from the list below;.

String lights

These are the most common type of Christmas lights. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours but primarily entail lots of tiny light bulbs (traditional) or LEDs (modern) arranged on a long cable. They look like many stars on a string (thus the name ‘string lights’). They can be placed almost anywhere, from Christmas trees to rooftops and patios.

Even more fascinating is the fact that there are solar-powered LED string lights. These are very efficient energy savers and still give off  the traditional heaven-like ambience. They also automatically light up when the sun goes down.  Said lights come in a wide range of hues and can be a lovely substitute to the traditional light-bulb string lights.

Meteor shower rain tubes

 These look like lights in a tube. They are LED lights arranged in a tube and are hung vertically from a high point (say roof or treetop). Each tube is about 10 millimetres in diameter and has a length of up to 30 centimetres and 3.2 metres of LED string lights. They have a working voltage of 100-240 volts. The LEDs turn on and off in sequences, alternate in color, and end up giving off a rainfall mood. They have a meteor shower effect (hence the name) when turned on.

This is an excellent alternative to old-fashioned string lights.

Outdoor laser projectors

As the name suggests, they come in the form of a projector and are very similar to lawn lights that illuminate plants from beneath. They come with a stake that can be stuck in the ground. The projector is then turned and set to face the desired surface, which is then lit up in thousands of tiny star-like colours. It covers at least 500 square feet and is perfect for festive outdoor lighting.

When setting up Christmas lights, think about;

Mood intended

This is very key in choosing festive lights. For a party or fun mood, meteor shower rain tubes or laser lights are the way to go. For a calm and homely mood, monochromatic string lights are best.



Some lights are more expensive than others. Some also consume more energy than others. For zero electricity consumption, solar-powered lights are best. It is very important to consider financial limits before buying Christmas lights.


Note that some lights are more durable than others are. Regardless of the cost, the ultimate money saver is durability.

There is a wide range of choice of festive lights. As the famous Christmas carol goes, ‘deck the halls with bounds of holly’. Well, in this case, we shall ‘deck the decks’ with bounds of outdoor Christmas lights. If you are having problems putting up your lights, reach out to your favorite Electrician OKC, and we shall do whatever we can to light up your festivities.



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