18 Sep 16

If you’re like millions of Americans who have become glued to home improvement television programs and websites, you are likely eager to try some DIY projects around your home. While there are lot of times a little learning and sweat equity can pay off big, when it comes to the electrical in your home, there are many reasons to call a Tulsa electrician for their expertise.

Common reasons to rely on a trained Tulsa electrician include:


There are multiple gauges of wiring available which correlate to how (and where) it should be used. Installations that are done incorrectly can cause overheating or a shorting of the fuse or circuit breaker. Aside from the possible danger the overheating can cause, the cost of repairing or replacing the additional damage can easily match or surpass the cost of having a Tulsa electrician do the wiring correctly the first time.


Building codes are set at many levels and may vary by state or community. While information you find online or from well-intentioned friends or family may apply to that area, it may not apply to your home’s specific location. Necessary permits for certain projects will also change due to location. In some areas, permits can only be pulled by licensed electricians or contractors. It is essential to understand what is required where your home is located.


There are a few different aspects of fuses to consider. First, all connections within a fuse box should be tight and correctly placed whenever they are replaced. If connections are too loose, appliances and lights may flicker or even cut short and in worse situations, circuits may overheat. Replacing with the wrong size fuse or breaker is another mistake commonly made.

Even more important than the financial cost of failed electrical is the danger of electrocution. Touching the wrong wires together or failing to make sure that the current is off can have life-altering or even fatal results. Consider safety as one priority for calling in a Tulsa electrician for your home.

Ask about flat rate inspections where you know the cost of the initial visit and then will be advised of any additional charges for other repairs. Colburn Electric offers same day service for many calls and can get started troubleshooting your problem right away. Call today to have an experienced Tulsa electrician address your concerns or safely install any upgrades you are making. 

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