27 Nov 16

Our lives rely more on technology than ever before. Only a few decades ago families may have had one central television console in their entire home. Now it is not uncommon for households to have at least three or more televisions throughout the space – and in areas beyond the living room. Along with televisions come more (or more powerful) appliances, surround sound systems and other newer luxuries throughout the home. Take a look at your holiday shopping or wish list and decide if you proactively need to call in a Tulsa electrician to get your home ready for incoming electronics or appliances.

It is easy to know  that your should call a professional in when you need to troubleshoot a problem with your home’s electrical system. In the excitement of the season, taking some time to plan a head can make sure any new additions are ready to use sooner than later! Some reasons to call a Tulsa electrician include:

Adding Outlets for Wall Mounted Televisions

As televisions continue to get bigger and lighter, more homeowners are looking to mount them on the wall. For standard outlets this can mean cords running down the wall taking away from the clean aesthetics of the installation. Depending on where you are placing the television, there can be the option for an outlet that will be out of sight once the TV is mounted.

Insuring the Proper Power for Appliances

Adding appliances (even counter top models) can increase the amount of electricity you are using, so where you previously had enough power you may find yourself overtaxing the system. New appliances can also change the demand on your home’s electrical so it is important to take note of the requirements. A licensed Tulsa electrician can let you know if you need an additional outlet, a different outlet or changes to the panel to prepare.

Preparing for Speakers Inside or Outside

Whether you are thinking about surround sound to go with a new television or you want to hear your favorite songs outside on the patio, consider calling in a Tulsa electrician if you are adding fixed speakers to your home. From full home theater systems to simple projects, bringing in the professionals up front can help you avoid costly repairs later.

When you need to call a Tulsa electrician, Colburn Electric can help. Our team provides up front pricing so you know what the cost will be for your project or repair. Our technicians are often to make same day service calls too! Technology will only continue to advance, if your home needs some electrical updates to match, contact us today.




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