02 Jun 18

Despite Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs being so popular because of their enormous energy saving capabilities, the presence of lead and other arsenic substances pose a serious health risk when they break. However,their advanced technology is incomparable to that used in traditional incandescent bulbs, which is why  they are more efficient in the production of light.


Reasons for LED bulbs’ popularity

LED bulbs are the most efficient of all green bulbs. They spend 75 percent less energy than  incandescent lighting bulbs. This is because they don’t scatter light like  CFLs and  traditional bulbs.Whereas  incandescent bulbs convert 80 percent of energy to heat, LED bulbs convert only 20 percent to heat.


LED bulbs have a longer lifespan than other bulbs. They stay   25 times longer  than   incandescent bulbs and twice  CFLs. An OKC electrician would recommend these bulbs as  they are cheap in the long  term.


The need to preserve the environment by reducing energy consumption has also boosted the use of more efficient bulbs. Different countries have encouraged the phasing out of incandescent bulbs due to their energy inefficiency.


The use of LED bulbs is associated with lower power consumption and therefore lower electricity bills. Businesses and  private individuals seeking to reduce their power bills have embraced LED bulbs as the best solution. In addition, the bulbs have enabled more people to be connected to the national power grid in different countries as reduced power consumption means availability of electricity to more people.


Dangers of a broken LED bulb

Dangerous substances such as lead, copper, nickel, and arsenic among others are important components of LED bulbs. These elements are known to cause cancer and allergic reactions when  one comes into contact with them. Since these bulbs are made of glass, they break when they fall.


A broken LED bulb adds toxics to the air. Inhalation of that such air poses a serious health risk as it could trigger some diseases in the presence of other factors. The only environmental threat occurs when the copper builds up in water bodies, poisoning  aquatic life.  


Handling broken LED bulbs

  • Given that LED bulbs contain toxic substances, you should avoid direct contact with your skin when they break. Wear gloves to coveryour hands. You should use a mask to keep the nose and mouth out of contact with the broken bulb.


  • Everyone should leave a contaminated room, including pets. Cleanup should only commence after windows are open for at least 15 minutes. To control the spread of hazardous materials to other rooms, the central air system should be shut off.


  • You should not hold the glass shards with your hands. Instead, scoop up the shards with a stiff paper and put them in a sealable plastic bag. The paper should then be disposed of in a protected area.


  • It is difficult to clean up anything that is exposed to a broken bulb. Any broom, gloves, and masks used during the cleaning exercise should also be disposed of. If the broken glass falls on any clothing, it should be disposed of.


  • You should then reach out to your waste management company or electrician Tulsa for more details on how you should go about disposingthe contaminated materials.


Next time an LED bulb breaks in your house, it is important to ensure your family remains safe. The increased popularity of LED bulbs means more people will come across broken bulbs. Observing   the above recommendations  will help in making homes safer and reduce cases of illness due to mishandling of broken LED bulbs.





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