30 May 18

Power consumption peaks tremendously during winter due to increased heating needs. The heavy snowing that covers solar panels negatively affects their effectiveness in generating electricity, further complicating the situation. Unknown to many people, solar panels work efficiently even during the cold seasons when the right measures are put to use. Here are factors that can maximize solar energy production during such times;


  • Tilt the solar panel to the right angle

    If you are from a snowy region, it is important to ensure the solar system is installed with a deeper slant. This is because the sun is available for fewer hours and at a ‘lower angle.’ When the roof does not allow for the installation in such an angle, placing the panels at a lower level is recommended. If the system is already installed, adjusting the tilt angle is recommended to enhance the exposure of the panel to sunlight. Ensuring a good slope allows the snow to slide off instead of accumulating.


  • Ensure your solar panel can withstand the snow weight

    Different solar panel systems have different load capacity. The choice of your preferred system should be determined by the amount of snow and wind out there. Some solar panels can withstand heavier loads than others. Ensure that you install a system that can hold the weight of the snow in your region. This reduces the chances of your system breaking.

  • Don’t use a plastic rake to remove the snow

    During winter, the snow may pile up on a solar panel thereby limiting its capacity to generate the much-needed power. Removing the snow using plastic rake is strongly discouraged as it damages the solar panel. There are specially designed rakes that can be used to remove the snow safely. Moreover, you can put the panel at an angle that allows the snow to slide off and then pour some water over it to remove the remaining snow.


  • Monitor battery temperature

 A solar system is not complete without a working battery. During cold seasons, the batteries become crucial due to the high energy consumption at homes. The availability of sunlight for a few hours means that the system must have a reliable storage source. It is important to note that low temperatures adversely affect the performance of a battery. Monitoring its temperature regularly can help in making sure it is working properly and that you have enough power in your house.


Due to the high demand for power during cold seasons, it is important to ensure it is only used when needed. Power efficiency can be achieved by ensuring that only the necessary electronics are turned on. Unplugging some devices such as TVs and DVDs when not in use can reduce power consumption. Replacing high wattage bulbs with energy savers works too.


The house should be properly insulated to reduce the wastage of heat. An automatic heating system can enhance power usage by ensuring that the devices are turned on only when in use. Any unnecessary lights should be turned off.     


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