22 May 18

Most of the machinery and devices we use today rely on electricity to operate. We use the electric power for lighting, charging, and running machines in industries et cetera. Despite the vital role the electricity has taken in our lives, it is not always reliable.


Power outages are common especially during heavy storms, strong winds, power surges, and brownouts. Given that it is humanly impossible to control the occurrence of these events, it is advisable to learn some tactics that can help you cop. Below are measures that can help you addressing frequent power outages;


  • Connect your home or business to a second line

    It is very rare for two different power lines to be affected by the same physical event. You may choose to connect to two different power lines to increase your chances of having power after a blackout on one line. To enhance the effectiveness of this method, the second line should be as far away from your current line as possible.


  • Use of distributed energy resource (DER)

    This method involves the use of electricity generated and stored by numerous devices that are closely connected. In most cases, renewable resources are used in the generation of power. DER is not only effective during outages but also in the absence national grid connection. Businesses that invest and embrace DER rarely suffer in case of power outages.


  • Installing automatic backup generators

    Automatic generators are some of the most popular methods of providing power during outages. They come in different sizes and capacity. Both large companies and small homes can find a generator that meets their needs. Unlike manual generators, the automatic ones turn themselves on when power goes out. They are also not noisy.


  • Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)

    Even with an automatic generator, your machines may switch off for a short time before the generator is powered. UPS helps in providing the required energy between the power switch to another source of electricity. When you don’t have another source of energy, UPS can facilitate proper shutdown of your equipment when power goes off.


  • Use of solar energy

Solar power is emerging as essential electricity backup. The use of batteries is enhancing the effectiveness of solar panels as a source of extra power. Inverter technology is helping in the creation of independent circuits using solar energy, which is  critical during power outages.


Whenever there is a power blackout, it is important to ensure you are safe. The installation of surge protection devices (SPDs) is the first step towards preventing any potential accident that may occur in case of an external surge. Moreover, it is advisable to turn off all appliances. Sometimes the power may come back long after leaving your house, leading to wastage of energy and a massive electricity bill.


Recent technological advancements have helped toward providing power outage solutions. Although some of these technologies may be expensive to install, they bring many benefits. To companies and homes, the backups help in ensuring that the different processes go on uninterrupted even during the outage. The electricity provided by these devices helps in enhancing security especially when the power outage happens at night.  


If you are looking for  any kind of help with your electrical connections,  contact your OKC electrician right away.


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