13 Mar 18

You know about different types of electricity plans with varied time spans, terms and conditions. Such contracts are common place in deregulated markets. Home owners and business people have different electricity needs which determine what kind of contract they choose. Your OKC electrician will most probably advise you to consider the time of year and the prevailing rates when choosing what type of contract to sign up for.

You may have found a rate that is agreeable to you but things change and sometimes you have to move before  your contract runs down. A move to another area means that you will have to break your electricity contract before it has run its course. In this piece we focus on what options you have in such a scenario.

What penalties should you expect?

You need not worry about moving in the middle of your electricity contract since every state has provisions to help you maneuver the situation.

  • Most electricity providers allow you to change your address if you are moving within the same area of delivery. Such a move does not warrant any penalties or extra fees.
  • Insome states( like Ohio) homeowners can terminate their current electricity plan and sign up for a new one when moving to a new region where the same provider charges a different rate. According to the Ohio Administrative Code, this should not attract any penalties.
  • Electricity providers in Texas are not allowed to charge any fees for early termination if you can provide proof of your new address. This information is even included in the fine print on electricity contracts.

What happens if you find a better rate and want out of your current plan?

You are most likely going to pay an early termination fee if you quit your current electricity plan for another which offers something more. Find out more about your electricity plan and the implications of early termination from your provider. You have probably heard  your electrician OKC say that  electricity plans come in all shapes and sizes. Every provider has their way of doing things.

Finding yourself a new plan

It is easier for you to find a new plan without having to pay any fees if you are moving to a new address within the scope of the same provider. In this case you can either keep the same plan and change addresses, or you could start a new plan without incurring any fees.

Take time to compare what electricity contracts are available in your new home before signing up for one. There are ways to find out about the best rates online. Sites like ElectricityPlans.com can show you the best rates around your zip code. Once you land a deal you like, you can easily schedule the start date to your liking. Sorting out electricity problems early on before a move is a good way to reduce the amount of work you will have on the day you move. Besides, it helps you clear out everything so that you can enjoy the service like you used to before moving.


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